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How CoolSculpting – Zeltiq Works

People who deal with extra-fat problems know how frustrating it can be to get no results from diets and exercise. After trying just about anything, surgery is the chosen option for many. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery keeps evolving and surprising us, as more non-invasive methods become available. CoolSculpting is one of these treatments and has been given good reviews both by doctors and patients. Its results are considered significant, durable and reliable to remove fat, without the risks and recovery period associated with an invasive procedure like liposuction.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting, also known as Zeltiq, is an FDA-approved non-invasive fat reducing procedure created by Zeltiq, a global medical device company. It is commonly used to treat those areas of the body that easily accumulate fat – waist (love handles), hips, upper and lower abdomen, bra line and mid-back. …More on How Coolsculpting – Zeltiq Works

Financing Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Procedures

Financing Cosmetic ProceduresSo you want to have a cosmetic treatment but you’re finding your budget is on the lean side. ¬†Before you give up on the idea of the “new and enhanced you,” you might want to explore the options available to be able to afford or finance it. All you need is some research and creativity. …More on Financing Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Procedures

How Can I Afford Cosmetic Surgery During a Recession?

These are difficult times. World economy has changed in the past decade and the “fat cow” period is now behind us. Budgets are tighter – a lot of us are reconsidering our expenses and finding new ways to save money.

Beauty may not be a primary necessity when money is running a little short, but if we don’t feel good about ourselves, our self-esteem suffers to some degree, along with our confidence and fearlessness to compete in the work force. …More on Ways to Afford Cosmetic Procedures During a Recession

The Power of Red Lipstick – How to Wear It

How to wear red lipstick A famous make-up artist once said, “Red lipstick is the stiletto heel of makeup.” It’s a beauty statement but it’s also much more than that – no one can deny that red is the color of passion. There’s a reason why it is the main color on Valentine’s Day. People use red on special dates and whenever they want to catch somebody’s attention.

Do You Know How to Wear Red Lipstick? …More on How To Wear Red Lipstick

Japanese Hair Straightening or Brazilian Blowout?

Japanese Hair Straightening vs Brazilian Blowout 
The Brazilian Blowout, also known as Brazilian Keratin (the treatment’s primary ingredient) only lasts two to 4 months. Unlike the Japanese Hair Straightening process, which sticks to a lock-straight hair, its main purpose is to de-frizz the hair while still allowing it to curl, wave or become stick-straight. Your hair soon ends up taking its natural form on the entire length and not only at the roots. …More on Japanese Hair Straightening vs Brazilian Blowout

Is Japanese Hair Straightening Safe?

Japanese Hair Straightening 
For women with curly hair, curls aren’t always a dream. Straightening the hair can be a difficult task and it becomes a ritual only for special occasions and lasting too little after that, which can be frustrating. But modern cosmetic technology has made it possible to have straight hair for longer periods of time and even permanently. Japanese Hair Straightening is one of such solutions.

…More on Japanese Hair Straightening

Practicing For Your Photo Shoot

Even though sometimes a friend or family member may be taking photos when we least expect, usually we know when we’re having a picture taken and we can prepare for it. Get a mirror, good lighting, a chair, a camera, a tripod and do your homework.

1. Start by sitting alone in front of the mirror with good lighting and no shadows cast on you. Relax. No one is there to judge you. …More on Tips for a Great Picture

How to Look Beautiful in Pictures

Taking a picture can be a dreadful moment for some people. When we see the “dead deer” eyes or sloppy posture, we tend to ask ourselves “Is that me?!” And then we tend to avoid cameras altogether. But there are a few simple tricks that you can use to always look great in any picture. Models and actors make it look easy and you can, too. It’s all a matter of doing some homework. You don’t have to look perfect. You just can’t be intimidated by the camera. More on How to Pose for a Photo

Where Are The Ulthera Reviews?

Ulthera Ultherapy Reviews 
So much has been written lately about Ulthera and how it may very well be the future of facelift surgery – without the surgery. Ulthera, which was backed strongly by Dr.Oz in one of his TV shows, is very much being “watched.” For good reason. Dr. Oz is a reputable health guru. If he featured it in his show, why then, it has to be significant and credible.

It has been about 19 months since Ulthera came on the scene, so people are bound to ask, “Does it really work?” and “Are patients happy with their results?…More on Ulthera Reviews

Get Double Eyelids Without The Surgery

Asia is known for having very strict and high standards of beauty that doesn’t allow for much flexibility. It can be defined in very specific terms such as pale skin, thin legs, high cheekbones, and large eyes. But despite this seemingly localized beauty standard, Asians also seem to gravitate towards Western ideals and many will go to great lengths to achieve more Western-looking features. …More on Double Eyelid Surgery