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The Different Types of Dermal Fillers

dermal fillers

There are so many options for treating wrinkles in today’s cosmetic beauty market.  From non-invasive lotions and potions and minimally invasive lasers and Botox to the heavy artillery of plastic surgery – wrinkles have many enemies.  But when it comes to that other pesky sign of aging, loss of volume, there is really only one stand-out solution – dermal fillers.

All dermal fillers have the common goal of replacing lost volume by injecting fat-mimicking substances under the skin.  But with so many different brands on the market, the choices can …More on Dermal Fillers

Correcting Restylane and Dermal Filler Mistakes

Restylane is a trade name for hyaluronic acid (HA), a substance that is used as a dermal filler, to correct fine lines and wrinkles. It smooths out creases in the skin and is also used to augment the lips, giving a fuller pout.

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, there are associated risks with injecting Restylane and other types of HA fillers.  There are two known reactions ..More on Correcting Restylane & Dermal Filler Mistakes

The New List of 20 Best Beauty Products

Top 20 Beauty Products
We’ve put together an All-Star team of cosmetic and skin care products, some of which are long-time MVPs and others that are breakthrough rookies.  From the honest-to-goodness best blush ever to a controversial high-tech eye cream, this is one beauty shopping list you won’t want to leave the house without. ..More on Best Beauty Products

How to Age Like a Beauty Icon

Look Like a Model 
A good dose of fame, fortune and a full-time makeup artist certainly can’t hurt when navigating the aging game. But for the rest of us mere mortals, there are still plenty of secrets to steal from the stars who seem to be getting it right. Here are 7 favorite tips from 7 ageless icons — and there’s nary a needle among them! ..More on How to Look Like a Beauty Icon

Get Bigger Looking Eyes With Circle Lenses

Circle Lenses: Cute or Creepy?

Asia is famous for starting beauty trends that spread to many countries worldwide, and Asian beauty trends are known for being both unique and revolutionary. One of these beauty trends that is becoming rapidly popular in Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Vietnam is the circle contact lens.

What are circle lenses and how do they work?

A circle lens is a colored contact lens (usually available in both prescription and non-prescription varieties) that is very much like a normal colored lens, except that the color extends to outside the iris. This is to make the iris look larger than it actually is, and the result is that eyes appear bigger and …More on Circle Lenses

Hyaluronidase To Correct Dermal Filler Mistakes

Nothing makes doctors and patients
less happy than having an unsatisfactory result after an aesthetic treatment.  In the past, if an error was made in the injection of a dermal filler, a patient’s only option was to wait for several months for the product to naturally break down and reabsorb.  While not all outcomes can be reversed, many doctors are fortunately finding success in quickly breaking down some unwanted dermal filler results by using hyaluronidase. ..More on Hyaluronidase to Correct Dermal Filler Mistakes

Stem Cell Facelift Update – Storing Fat Cells for Future Use

For the 200 or so people who are cryogenically frozen, the possibilities of healing and resuscitation are still just hopes for the distant future. But for people who hope to freeze a part of themselves for use in this lifetime – the future is now.

As the potential benefits of stem cell therapy continue to garner interest for use in everything from tissue and cartilage regeneration to cosmetic procedures such as stem cell facelifts, ..More on Stem Cell Facelift