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Bee Venom Cream – Does It Work?

bee venom cream bee venom cream

Have you noticed how Camilla Parker is looking 10 years younger these days? Well, rumor has it that she has been using Heaven, a cream that contains bee venom. And supposedly, future princess, Kate Middleton has taken this beauty tip as well from her now mother-in-law.

The bee venom cream was created by celebrity-endorsed beautician Deborah Mitchell, who has been treating the Duchess of Cornwall for many years. Her product line’s star ingredient is bee venom, …More on Bee Venom Cream

Dysport vs Botox: What Are The Differences?

Dysport vs Botox

Both Botox (made by Allergan) and Dysport (made by Medicis) are two FDA approved injectable options to treat wrinkles and facial lines. Botox has been around for many years and has worldwide sales of around two billion dollars. Dysport only entered the USA market in April of 2009, even though it was known in Europe long before that. It is estimated that Dysport could end up gaining up to 25% market share in the USA. More on Dysport vs Botox

What Are The Best Scar Removal Treatments?

Scar Removal Treatment

According to the type of scar, your doctor will determine the best scar removal treatment for you, considering your physical and genetic features and general health condition, after doing proper labs and tests. He will assess the scar location, any symptoms associated (itching or pain), any movement/joint dysfunction and how disturbed or obsessed the patient is due to the existence of the scar (effects on self-esteem and relationships with others).
The American Academy of Dermatology states that no scar can be completely removed, even if its appearance can be improved. After 2004, no more prescription drugs were available for prevention and treatment of scars. …More on Best Scar Removal Treatments

The Different Types of Scars

Different Types of Scars
It is very difficult to go through life without getting at least a couple of scars. Our skin is like a satin sheet, soft and smooth until it suffers some sort of trauma, be it burning, surgery, injury or body reactions such as acne and stretch marks. As years pass by, we find our body changing with these scars. When they”re small and easy to conceal, our self-esteem may not be compromised. But if they’re exposed, we might feel embarrassed, different, frustrated and even wanting to avoid contact with other people. And this is when scars can really become a problem. If a scar is getting the best of you, maybe it’s time to seek treatment. Scar reduction and removal can be done by different processes, depending on the type of scar and tissue damage. …More on Different Types of Scars

How Does Thermage Work?

We all age. There’s no escape from that. Personal habits, environmental factors, gravity, simple facial movements, sun exposure and heredity dictate how fast we get skin aging. It’s not possible to stop or truly reverse the combined effects of these strong factors but it is possible to reduce them and improve skin appearance.

Thermage – also known as ThermaLift, ThermaCool and Radiothermoplasty – is a non-invasive anti-aging skin care treatment to help smoothen and tighten the skin for a refreshed look, without resorting to needles and without any downtime. …More info on How Thermage Works