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Ulthera Recruiting Volunteers For A Trial

Ulthera Trial 
If you’ve ever wondered how and on whom cosmetic procedure trials are conducted, now is your chance to find out. Ulthera, Inc., the company that developed the popular ultrasound skin treatment, is currently recruiting volunteers for a clinical trial. The official title of the trial, although a mouthful, says it all: More on Ulthera Trials

Why Ulthera Works – It’s All About The SMAS

The same ultrasound technology that, years ago, revealed your child’s hazy white profile is now being used to eradicate wrinkles and sagging skin on an aging face. Ulthera turns back the clock without the bandages, scalpels and anesthesia associated with a traditional facelift, but what exactly makes Ulthera so effective? More on Why Ulthera Works

LaViv – FDA Approved For Custom Facial Filler

We’ve all heard about the potential applications of stem cell research in growing new cells to treat diseases, but did you ever think that that same technology could be applied to something as superficial as treating the wrinkles on the sides of your nose? More on LaViv

Ouchless Needle For Painless Botox Injections

Ouchless Needle 
That’s right, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Painful injections in the name of beauty are now a thing of the past, thanks to Dr. Marc J. Salzman, plastic surgeon and inventor of a revolutionary device called the Ouchless Needle that has taken the cosmetic injectables industry by storm. More on Ouchless Needle

BB CREAM REVIEW – Skin79 Triple Function Hot Pink

BB CREAM REVIEW - Skin79 Triple Function Hot Pink 
I’ve been a fan of Asian skincare and cosmetics for quite some time now, although I was initially hooked on Japanese cosmetics before Korean ones came careening into my routine. After hearing about the miraculous wonder product called BB cream, I knew I had to try some. More on BB Cream Review

Elixis for Body Contouring

Exlilis for body contouring
Love handles. Saddlebags. Jiggly arms and double chins. We all have trouble areas on our bodies that we’re not too happy about and wish we could get rid of. But not everyone is ready to commit to surgeries or other invasive procedures because of the long treatment and recovery periods, the pain, the cost, and the fear of unnatural-looking results. More on Exilis

Botox or Dysport – Which is Better for Crow’s Feet?


According to ASAP (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), over 2.4 million people received Botox and/or Dysport injections on their faces in an effort to decrease wrinkles and achieve a more youthful-looking appearance. More on Dysport vs Botox

Cosmalite – Instant Trial Veneers

Cosmalite Dental Veneer 
Ever noticed how all celebrities seem to be blessed with rows of perfectly straight, pearly-white teeth? In addition to fancy clothes and huge houses, perfect teeth seem to be a symbol of the rich and the famous. More on Cosmalite

The Sheet Mask Craze: Mini-Facials on the Go!

Sheet Mask 
Out of all skincare products, perhaps the face mask is one of the most hallmark. We’re all familiar with the concept of a white or grayish cream slathered on a woman’s face, cucumbers decorating her eyes. This is the traditional notion of the face mask, and probably the most widely recognized today. But More on Sheet Mask Craze

Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Get Rid of Turkey Neck 
Do you feel like you have extra or loose skin in the neck area? This is commonly called a turkey neck, and it may be caused by aging, weight gain, or even genetics. But there are now many solutions to change your appearance, including those that are non-surgical, minimally invasive, and surgical. More on Getting Rid of Turkey Neck