Are Smaller Breasts the New Trend?

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Apparently, “A”  is the new “D
” when it comes to cup sizes; at least that is the latest buzz after a September article in the New York Times fashion section touted diminutive breasts as an asset, not the disappointment that so many women have perceived them to be for decades now.

There is no doubting that thin is in, and super-thin celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Taylor Swift are flaunting their petite figures with plunging necklines that just barely miss their navels. Small-chested women all over the globe are taking notice and banding together in online support groups with names such as “Flat Chested Girls are Prettier!!” and “Flat Chested Girls United.”  Many of these women take the issue to heart and are deeply offended when they read headlines or view photos indicating that modestly-chested celebrities (like Kate Hudson who allegedly had implants in 2010, for example) have gone under the knife to fill their cups. Trends aside, these groups are full of women who have long since counted their small blessings and celebrated the advantages of a sleeker look as well as the freedom of choosing to go bra-less every now and then. They’re just glad the rest of the world is finally catching on. Still others who were previously ashamed of their A and B-cups are breathing a non-restricted sigh of relief that the days of futilely striving toward a Barbie-like figure might be over, at least for now.


Could it be that this new trend is a backlash against the extremes to which some super-sized celebrities such as Heidi Montag and Pamela Anderson have gone to make their breasts look “larger then life”? Rumor has it that some recent casting calls have been limited to only those actresses with the real deal, no implants allowed. There certainly seems to be no shortage of demand for actresses like KeiraKnightley or Ellen Pompeo (who plays Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy) whose breasts, although less ample, are their natural size.

So what will this new trend mean for the cosmetic surgery industry? Ironically enough, it just might mean more business. As celebrities and even average Janes catch on to the “smaller is better” trend, they may seek out surgeries to have their existing implants removed and/or changed to more realistic proportions.

Some cosmetic surgeons such as Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Nicholas R. Nikolov have recognized a decrease in the demand for breast augmentation and more requests for breast reduction surgery or breast implant reduction. These procedures can remove implants completely, replace them with smaller ones, or reduce the size of the natural breast by removing a predetermined amount of fat and tissue. Also, those patients who are opting for new implants are choosing more modest ones, an indication that the “bigger is better” perception is on the downswing.

The transition may be about more than just the latest trend, however. Some surgeons speculate that the drooping economy may be a factor, reporting that their patients are opting for less expensive procedures such as breast lifts to save a buck. Financial restrictions may also prevent some women who are still dissatisfied with their less-than-ample bosoms to forgo breast augmentation surgery and look for more economical alternatives such as push-up bras or (gasp) self-acceptance.

In last year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show lineup, it was notable that there were quite a few models with smaller breasts and some say that lingerie companies are planning to revamp their product lines and advertising campaigns to cater to the lesser-endowed crowd. Companies such as Itty Bitty Bras and are also reporting an increase in sales for their smallest cup sizes.

Are there some who still prefer a buxom figure? Certainly. There will always be women and men who prefer a larger cup size, but a new “less is more” attitude is also budding  up amongst celebrities and spilling over into the mindsets of mainstream women as well, or so it appears.

Natural Breasts


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