BMR Arm Lift

You can look great again in your favorite sleeveless shirt! BMR Arm Lift

Developed by Bio-Medical research Ltd., the BMR Arm Lift uses EMS technology to lift and tone the upper arm muscles. Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) has long been used by body therapists worldwide as a therapeutic tool to help patients improve their skeletal musculature beneath their skin.

The same scientific technology is used by BMR Arm Lift to tone the upper arms. The range of lifting and firming in the garment exercises the muscles by transmitting electrical pulses through the gel pads to the muscle-controlling nerves, contracting and relaxing the muscles. The BMR Arm Lift has been proven to be effective in firming and lifting upper arms.

The device offers three lift programs and 99 treatment levels. As the targeted muscles grow stronger and more toned, they fill out and lift the surrounding skin.

The garment fits most arm sizes particularly those with circumference from 8.7 inches to 14.5 inches. It is easy to use:

– Attach the Activator to the arm garment
– Wrap the garment around each arm.
– Select your program and treatment levels on the Activator

Recommended usage for the Arm Lift is at least once a day for 20 minutes, four or five sessions per week.

The BMR Arm Lift garment, Gel Pads, quick start guide, instruction manual and a carrying case cost $290 and the activator cost $85.

About Safety

The BMR Arm Lift uses a gentle safe technology. However, it is exercise and it is an electrical device. As such the following health problems disqualify some people as good candidates for EMS therapy:

– Heart problems, including people with a pacemaker
– Insulin-dependent diabetes
– Cancer and cancer treatment, especially if there are lesions on your skin.

If you have a medical issue, please consult with your doctor before you purchase to try EMS technology products.

There is no substitute for proper and rigorous exercise to build and tone muscles. The Body Lift technology is most effectively used to enhance your already hard-charging workout routine. The gentle EMS stimulation can keep your muscles working and burning calories long after you have finished exercising for the day and it may even ease or reduce post-workout soreness and stiffness.

About Bio-Medical Research Limited

Galway, Ireland-based Bio-Medical Research Limited is a privately-owned company that has over fifty (50) years experience in research, development and manufacture of medical-grade products aimed at skeletal musculature improvement. The company’s dedicated team of professionals has already brought several patented products to the market including the innovative over the counter line of beauty products under the BMR Beauty Series brand. The products are sole assets explicitly designed and clinically tested to take beauty regimens a step further and help users restore a more younger-looking appearance.


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