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BMR Facelift Slendertone 
Unlike the other parts of our body, our faces are unique in that the underlying muscle is attached directly to the skin. If the muscles are well developed and strong, the skin is more likely to be smooth and taut. As we age, we tend to lose muscle mass all over the body, including the face.

Fortunately, uncomfortably sagging skin can now be corrected. Knowing that what is beneath the skin defines how a person looks, Bio-Medical Research Ltd., an Ireland-based company backed by many years of research aimed at improving skeletal musculature, has developed the BMR Face tool that can enhance your beauty regimen and restore a youthful appearance.

The BMR Face tool uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology which “exercises” the facial muscles to combat muscle atrophy that contributes to sagging. As muscle mass grows under the facial skin, sags and wrinkles are lifted and smoothed. The increase in facial muscle tone is said to smooth lines and the increased blood flow gives a more radiant complexion.

The gadget for men and women looks like a headset with the pads resting around the cheek portions of the face. A Rejuvenation program, which requires twenty (20) minutes use of BMR Face per day, five (5) times per week for three (3) months, is recommended for better results.

Like other muscles in the body, it can take much time to retrain facial muscles to obtain the best outcome. The gel pads that come with the gadget are patented “smart” technology, which serves as the current conductor and ensures even therapy delivery to the appropriate nerve.

Slendertone BMR Facelift
There are two versions of BMR Face. One is for men and the other is for women. At $500, the gadget is indeed pricey but still better than fillers and injections as it can be used repeatedly.

About Bio-Medical Research Limited

Galway, Ireland-based Bio-Medical Research Limited is a privately-owned company that has over fifty (50) years experience in research, development and manufacture of medical-grade products aimed at skeletal musculature improvement. The company’s dedicated team of professionals has already brought several patented products to the market including the innovative over the counter line of beauty products under the BMR Beauty Series brand. The products are sole assets explicitly designed and clinically tested to take beauty regimens a step further and help users restore a more younger-looking appearance.


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  1. Patricia Philip says:

    Where can I purchase the BMR Facial Rejuvenation Program?

  2. Victoria Strander says:

    Hi Patricia!

    Here’s the URL for the BMR website: Good luck and best regards!


  3. Hi Patricia,
    We are proud to announce that is the first and only (at the time of this comment) company selling the BMR Face Lift in the United States. I will provide a link below for this amazing product.


    Thank you,
    Hiva Javaher

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