BMR Lift Series for Tightening and Lifting

BMR Lift Series
Bio-Medical Research Inc. has developed a face and body lift system that may correct embarrassing sagging skin problems. The BMR Lift series is based on electrical muscle stimulation technology, (EMS) that been used for years by physical therapists worldwide as a tool to rehabilitate injuries, rebuild specific muscle groups and manage pain.

What is Electric Muscle Stimulation?

EMS delivers a controlled pulse of electric current to specific nerves that causes the associated muscles to contract and relax over and over for a set period of time. This contract/relax therapy mimics what muscles do naturally during normal daily activities and exercise. Slowly, over time, the targeted muscles regain some strength and tone. Also, blood circulation to the treated area increases as the muscles contract and relax, improving the overall tissue health of the area.

BMR Lift Series
BMR translated this medical technology to the world of cosmetic improvements to aid men and women strengthen weak muscles and to help tighten saggy skin on their faces, arms, stomachs, and bottoms.

There must be something special about this technology because the international and ultra-chic Bliss Spa has recently added the BMR Body Lift system to its arsenal of beauty tools – and with rave reviews.

The BMR System

The BMR system requires a few pieces of equipment which are all sold separately. They have designed devices specifically for the face, stomach, bottom and arms:

Face Lift Headset – The headset is designed to hold neuromuscular stimulating pads in place to target specific sets of facial muscles.

Arm, Stomach and Bottom Lift Garments – Garments made of cloth and Velcro are fitted to the arm, stomach or bottom area. Each garment has built in neuromuscular stimulators positioned to work most effectively on that specific body part.BMR Lift Series

Gel pads – The gel pads are patented “smart” technology that conducts the current and delivers an even pulse to the appropriate nerve and muscles. These pads safely move the current from the garment to the body. The gel pads comes with the headset or garment and usually lasts for 5 sessions.

Activator – The activator is the hand held device that controls the system. It is preprogrammed with specific therapies and pulse levels to customize the technology to fit specific therapy needs. It allows the operator to increase the pulse strength and frequency, depending on the type of therapy that is desired.

There is no substitute for proper and rigorous exercise to build and tone muscles. However, some muscles, like the ones in the face, can be difficult to target and tone. BMR Face can help you workout those muscles to have smoother and glowing skin.

The Body Lift technology is most effectively used to enhance your already hard-charging workout routine. The gentle EMS stimulation can keep your muscles working and burning calories long after you have finished exercising for the day and it may even ease or reduce post-workout soreness and stiffness.BMR Lift Series

About Bio-Medical Research Limited

Galway, Ireland-based Bio-Medical Research Limited is a privately-owned company that has over fifty (50) years experience in research, development and manufacture of medical-grade products aimed at skeletal musculature improvement. The company’s dedicated team of professionals has already brought several patented products to the market including the innovative over the counter line of beauty products under the BMR Beauty Series brand. The products are sole assets explicitly designed and clinically tested to take beauty regimens a step further and help users restore a more younger-looking appearance.


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