Brazilian ZERO – A Formaldehyde-free Alternative To Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian Zero
In response to the escalating concerns about the use of formaldehyde in hair straightening procedures, Brazilian Blowout has come out with a new line – Brazilian Blowout ZERO. This treatment promises the same smooth, glossy hair as the original Brazilian Blowout, only with a major change: no formaldehyde. The company advertises a “Plant-Derived KereSafe Bonding System,” with the active ingredient changed to glycolic acid derived from sugar cane. Though the company still insists its original formula never contained formaldehyde in the first place, this new line is meant to set consumers’ minds at ease.

Differences Between Brazilian ZERO and The Original Brazilian Blowout

Reviewers have noted a thicker consistency to the ZERO formula, as well as a citrus scent rather than the original formula’s strong chemical odor. And whereas the original gave off lots of noxious fumes with minimal smoke, ZERO did the opposite – lots of smoke with no fumes. But with good ventilation, consumers should be fine. As the treatment procedure is the same, the cost of ZERO is the same as the original, around $150 to $350.

Brazilian Blowout vs Brazilian Zero Hair Straightening

Brazilian Zero vs Brazilian Blowout

BRAZILIAN ZERO has been reported to produce excellent results, but with slightly different effects from the original. Although both will smooth the hair and eliminate frizz, the hair feels softer with ZERO. However, the original formula is stronger and will straighten the hair better. For example, whereas the original would be able to make thick, curly hair nearly straight, with maybe a slight wave, ZERO can only take it down to a loose curl at best. The general consensus is that ZERO will produce great results, but not at the same level as the original formulation.

There aren’t too many options out there when it comes to long-lasting hair straightening. Generally the choice is between the semi-permanent Brazilian treatments, or relaxers and perms like the Japanese thermal straightening. While perms are more damaging to the hair, overall they have far fewer health risks than Brazilian hair straightening.

But if you’ve decided that Brazilian treatments are the way to go, be smart about your decision. Look for salons which use brands that claim to be formaldehyde-free, and look up the ingredients online to make sure they actually are. At the salon, pick stylists that are experienced and knowledgeable, look around to see if the building is well-ventilated, and stay away from places that smell strongly of chemicals. Spending the extra time to arm yourself with knowledge is the best way to protect your health – your hair and body will thank you for it.

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