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Build My Bod
Ever wished you could see what you’d look like with a smaller nose, fuller lips, maybe even a face lift and a tummy tuck? And better yet, find the best local plastic surgeon to do it, and get an accurate estimate of how much it all would cost?

What if you could take care of all that in a couple of hours? And what if you could do it with a simple tap on your iPhone, and all from the comfort of your own home? Well, now there’s an app that enables you to do just that, thanks to Louisianan plastic surgeon Jonathan Kaplan, MD, creator of BuildMyBod.

BuildMyBod is proving to be a powerful tool for smart consumers. The app can be downloaded completely free, and users can create a virtual image of themselves. Then they can modify body parts on their virtual figures, seeing what they would look like with different cosmetic procedures done.

But BuildMyBod also helps to make these virtual modifications a reality. Using the app, clients can find a local plastic surgeon and get an accurate estimate of the total cost.

The estimates that the app provides aren’t just the same “prices” you would see in a newspaper ad or billboard. BuildMyBod also factors in operating room time, device costs, doctors’ fees, anesthesia, and other fees that a client normally wouldn’t find out about until they are sitting in the doctor’s office for a consultation. This is incredibly helpful for consumers looking to make smarter buying decisions, because the price of the same surgery can vary by as much as 35% between different surgeons.

BuildMyBod would prevent clients from paying $3000 for a lip implant when a different doctor down the street is charging $2200 for the same thing. Users can even make appointments directly through the app.

How It All Started

Before BuildMyBod, researching and consulting for a cosmetic procedure was a pretty time-consuming process. You’d have to research online for a surgeon with good experience and satisfied customers. Then you’d have to call the office and deal with pushy receptionists to make an appointment for a consultation. After the consultation, you might have to go back a second time so the surgeon can show you the computer-generated images of what you might look like after the surgery. And then you would finally get a quote of how much you’d be paying for it – an amount that may or may not be what you’d expected.

It all started with a trip to the barbershop in December 2009. As he was getting his hair cut, Kaplan made use of the time to do some thinking. In this technological age, prospective patients were coming in to his office already armed with a plethora of information about the procedures they wanted – how it was done, the risks, details of the recovery. What they couldn’t research on their own, however, was cost. Kaplan’s office was often bombarded with calls about the prices of different procedures, but his receptionists can’t always provide the answers because they don’t know all the details.

In order to get answers, clients had to visit Kaplan’s office so that his manager could provide a quote. This wasted valuable time which could be better spent discussing the actual details of the procedures.

Thus, the idea of the BuildMyBod app was born. Compatible with the iPhone, iPod and iPad, the app saves time for everyone, providing clients with information and estimates of the costs of different cosmetic procedures, and helping doctors out by “keeping staff off the phone – and not answering difficult questions about pricing.”

Build My Bod

Over 13 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2010. With plastic surgery more common and more in demand than ever, BuildMyBod offers prospective patients the ability to research, educate themselves, and make smart, informed decisions about the surgeons and procedures they want.

BuildMyBod plans to expand to foreign countries, and will soon be available for Android devices. And since it’s completely free, there’s no reason not to download. Whether you’re looking to have some cosmetic work done or just want to see what you’d look like with a different chin, BuildMyBod is a great app to have in your arsenal.

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