Facial Bone Decrease Contributes To Looking Old

Facial Bone Decrease
If you think that a regimen of Botox, laser therapy and other wrinkle-eliminating treatments is enough to combat signs of aging, think again. According to new findings by doctors of the University of Rochester Medical Center, the above are merely facial “clothes.” More on Facial Bone Rebuilding

Achieving Facial Symmetry with Chin Augmentation

chin augmentation
  They say that beauty is in the eye of beholder, but when it comes to facial beauty, scientists have actually narrowed the definition of beauty down to something much more measurable – symmetry. By studying photos of faces and ranking them from least attractive to most attractive, researchers found that the perception of beauty increased as the symmetry of facial features increased.

One of the most measurable facial features is the symmetry between the projection of the chin and the projection of the forehead. More on Chin Augmentation