PaloVia – A Mini Fraxel You Can Use At Home

With age comes wisdom, and alas, the much dreaded wrinkles. A pair of crow’s feet stamped stubbornly at the eye’s corners can add years to a face, while a permanent ridge beneath More on PaloVia

BuildMyBod App – Get A Free Preview Of Your Cosmetic Makeover

Build My Bod
Ever wished you could see what you’d look like with a smaller nose, fuller lips, maybe even a face lift and a tummy tuck? And better yet, find the best local plastic surgeon to do it, and get an accurate estimate of how much it all would cost? More on BuildMyBod App

Ombre Hair Color – Summer’s New Trend

Ombre Hair Color 
What do the French and a wallet short on cash have in common? Perhaps the answer lies in ombré, a trendy and economical hair dyeing technique that goes hand in hand with this summer’s romantic bohemian fashion. More on Ombre Hair Color

Astressin-B – A Hair Loss Cure?

Astressin-B Cure for Hair LossFrom the elaborate, powdered wigs of the 18th-century to the aggressively teased hair of the 1980s, hair fashions have changed dramatically over time. But in the midst of ever-changing styling trends, one element remains constant – a woman’s hair is, and will always be, her crowning glory. More on Astressin-B

Freezing Wrinkles – A No Toxin Alternative

freezing wrinkles
Are you tired of getting injected with a toxin every 4 months to maintain your wrinkle-free forehead? There may be hope in the very near future for a “no toxin” alternative to erase your wrinkles. More on Freezing Wrinkles

The Downside of Beauty At The Workplace

beauty at work
As human beings, we are predisposed to beauty. It is an inherent part of our natural makeup to be attracted to symmetry and harmony. Even at a young age, our propensity towards beauty is evident – babies tend to stare longer at prettier faces, just as much as we, adults, tend to stare more at prettier babies.

Pretty children get more attention from teachers and parents. And since they get more attention, they become more confident and have higher self-esteem. That is why they’re also considered smarter, when in in all probability, it’s because they just had more support then less attractive children while growing up. More about Beauty at Work

Does Beauty Affect One’s Success?

Physical Beauty
“So, tell me what you don’t like about yourself…”

This is the opening line made famous in the TV series, Nip Tuck, whenever a patient would enter the doctor’s office to get plastic surgery. Through the years, it has been very common to see TV shows, such as Extreme Makeover and Dr. 90210, emphasize the importance of good looks and how to change features we don’t like about ourselves. More about Physical Beauty

What If Men Had to Follow Women’s Beauty Standards?

Which is sexier – Kate Moss’ thin figure, or Beyonce’s hips and Kim Kardashian’s butt? Which do men prefer? From Twiggy’s androgynous frame to Elizabeth Taylor’s voluptuous curves, female beauty standards have changed drastically throughout history and women have scrambled to follow them. After all, pale lifeless skin was the standard for elegance and class until Ms. Coco Chanel went on a cruise and tanned, sun-kissed skin became all the rage. For women, the keys to success and love have never relied so heavily on superficiality as they do now. …More on this topic

Bee Venom Cream – Does It Work?

bee venom cream bee venom cream

Have you noticed how Camilla Parker is looking 10 years younger these days? Well, rumor has it that she has been using Heaven, a cream that contains bee venom. And supposedly, future princess, Kate Middleton has taken this beauty tip as well from her now mother-in-law.

The bee venom cream was created by celebrity-endorsed beautician Deborah Mitchell, who has been treating the Duchess of Cornwall for many years. Her product line’s star ingredient is bee venom, …More on Bee Venom Cream

Financing Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Procedures

Financing Cosmetic ProceduresSo you want to have a cosmetic treatment but you’re finding your budget is on the lean side.  Before you give up on the idea of the “new and enhanced you,” you might want to explore the options available to be able to afford or finance it. All you need is some research and creativity. …More on Financing Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty Procedures