Is A Second Facelift Safe For Older Patients?

Facelift for Older Women 
What happens after you get your first facelift?
Your face looks more youthful, sure, but does this appearance last forever? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Your face will continue to age and gravity will continue to exist. On the upside, however, you’ll have a younger-looking foundation to age from. More on Second Facelift

Ulthera And Its Many Off-Label Uses

Ulthera Uses
We all know disasters can result when things aren’t used for their intended purposes. A quick search on Youtube will find you any number of hilarious videos of treadmills used for skateboarding, trampolines used to pogo-stick and barbeque grills used for science experiments. More on Ulthera Off-Label Uses

Fixing Eye Bags and Sagging Eyelids Without Surgery

Fixing Eyebags and Sagging Eyelids

There’s a reason why doctors no longer perform lobotomies to cure common mental disorders, why you no longer see people walking around carrying “Zack Morris” cell phones the size of bricks or why laptop computers no longer weigh 24 pounds. As technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds, so, too, does the quality of our lives – people are healthier and live longer, information is readily accessible and things happen, well, almost instantly that it seems to be straight out of a science fiction movie. More on Fixing Eye Bags

Facial Bone Decrease Contributes To Looking Old

Facial Bone Decrease
If you think that a regimen of Botox, laser therapy and other wrinkle-eliminating treatments is enough to combat signs of aging, think again. According to new findings by doctors of the University of Rochester Medical Center, the above are merely facial “clothes.” More on Facial Bone Rebuilding

Ulthera to Correct Lip Filler Mistakes

Ulthera To Correct Lip Filler Mistakes 
For those who want a permanent beauty solution, a liquid silicone face injection sounds very convincing. The injection is currently popular as an off label practice that provides permanent augmentation, particularly for patients with retinal detachments. The permanence derives from the liquid silicone becoming encased in scar tissue. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, there’s a bit more to this subject matter. Patients should be wary about two potential concerns. More Ulthera to Correct Lip Filler Mistakes

Exilis For Facial Tightening

Exilis for Facial Tightening
One of the sweetest ironies in life, and in facial anti-aging treatments, is that what’s often best for us is also quite painful. Without ice or a local anesthetic, Botox can sting worse than the average mosquito bite. Less gentleness can be attributed to Thermage, often described as the “most painful” non-invasive skin lifting technique. More on Exilis

Lip Sculpting

Lip Sculpting
Soft, voluptuous, kissable lips – who among us has not coveted Angelina Jolie’s trademark lips? Lip makeovers are becoming more and more popular as patients are attracted to their quick accessibility and non-invasiveness. More on Lip Sculpting

Dental Facelift?

Dental Facelift 
Think plastic surgeons are the only ones who perform facelifts? You may be surprised that dentists also have the power to make you look years younger.


With aging comes tooth decay and tooth loss, which results in a decrease in facial height between the chin and nose. Absent and worn down teeth causes the jaw to become smaller, making the mouth appear more collapsed. Consequently, vertical lines form around the mouth, adding unnecessary years onto your age.

But wait, there’s more. These changes in your teeth and mouth also trigger an effect on the rest of your face. With less facial tension, the jawline slackens, cheeks flatten, and wrinkles form around the forehead and eyes.

What Can Dentists Do About This?

A typical dentist will use crowns and fillings for a patient’s needs. However, a dentist who practices face lift dentistry will reshape and restore lost and worn down teeth, in order to rebuild facial muscles and retighten the skin. Lips will appear fuller and wrinkles will be smoothed out as the face is lengthened. You will look younger, all without undergoing painful surgery or injections.

What’s The Catch?

As with any procedure, there are precautions to take. Before undergoing facelift dentistry, you must make sure that your oral health is in order. Imbalanced jaws, weak facial muscles or a habit of teeth grinding can produce results that aren’t as ideal. In addition, the procedure itself will involve irreversibly grinding your natural teeth, and outcomes can be unfavorable for your lips and cheeks if you have a bad bite or missing teeth. The procedure can cost thousands of dollars, up to $20,000 for a full rebuilding, so think thoroughly before committing to it.

What Are Some Other Benefits?

• No surgery means no painful recovery
• Healthier teeth
• Better bite and enhanced speech
• No continuous injections of Botox or Restylane

Not only will your face appear younger with fuller lips and less wrinkles, but your bite will be better too. After the dentist reconstructs your bite to compliment your jaw, you will be able to chew more efficiently, ultimately resulting in more comfort, less stress, improved speech and more natural facial muscles.

Last, but not least, your overall health will improve as well. By undergoing the dental facelift, your dentist will take care of gum disease, bad crowns and other dental concerns so that your entire oral health is enhanced. Porcelain veneers, crowns and fillings will reverse facial collapse and lengthen your face for a healthier you!

All in all, a dental facelift can be a good alternative to a more expensive and risky traditional facelift. But always remember to consider all available options and see if this is the right one for you.

Ulthera With Botox and Dermal Filler

Ulthera Results
With the advancement of non-invasive technology and equipment in the cosmetic industry, are surgical face lifts even necessary anymore? We’ve imagined a world where we wouldn’t need surgery to give our face some extra lift. Now you can say good-bye to saggy skin. Ulthera, hailed as the non-surgical face lift, lets you achieve that subtle but yet so effective lift, all without a single incision.

Filling The Gap Between Injections And Surgery

Ulthera is bridging the missing gap for patients who have had Botox and dermal filler injections but not quite ready to have a surgical face lift. Many patients love the results from their Botox and dermal filler treatments but would love to get that extra lift, which could not be achieved with the injections alone.

Unique in its ability to treat multiple tissue layers, Ulthera treats both the upper layers of the skin and the deep SMAS – the face’s foundation. Patricia Wexler, a Manhattan dermatologist, likens it to the Spanx effect – the reshaping of the face with lifted cheeks, a non-sagging brow and a tightened jaw line. Results are often seen immediately, and continue to improve over a period of a few months as new collagen grows.

In contrast to a surgical face lift that pulls the skin, Ulthera pulls the underlying muscles instead. As a result, the tissue contracts and tightens, giving a tangible lift.

The Many Uses Of Ulthera

Currently, Ulthera is FDA-approved for the lifting of the brows. But many providers are finding it works for various off-label uses. Although yet to be published, some doctors have achieved positive results using Ulthera on tightening laxity in the neck area, improving the fine lines along the upper lips, and even in smoothening lumpy dermal filler mistakes in the lips.

Other areas that have potential to benefit from Ulthera’s skin tightening are saggy knees and floppy underarms. Also expected to be released in the 4th quarter of this year is a new 1.5 mm head for tightening the eyelids.

Different Depths Of Ulthera Treatments

Though Ulthera isn’t a replacement for a face lift, plastic surgeons everywhere are exited about its versatility. Apply deeper passes and it’s capable of directing its thermal ultrasound energy to heat the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic Sytem or SMAS – the deeper connective tissue surrounding the facial muscles.

Additionally, when doctors make shallower passes to the upper dermal layers, it jumpstarts collagen production.

The procedure takes approximately one hour for the entire face and neck. With the ability to observe each layer of tissue as they work, physicians are able to perform the procedure with greater precision and safety.

Of course, there are possible side effects and risks to be aware about, such as swelling, bruising, and the feeling of tightness. The pain of the procedure can range from a hot prickling sensation to short intense discomfort, depending on an individual’s pain tolerance, but most often, this is alleviated with an oral analgesic and/or sedative.


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Ulthera Trial 
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