The Truth About The Brazilian Blowout

brazilian blowout danger 
Millions of women have tried the Brazilian blowout at their favorite salon. Why not? It makes your hair look and feel great, you won’t have to blow out your hair every day and its formaldehyde free. Or is it? More on Brazilian Blowout Danger

Ombre Hair Color – Summer’s New Trend

Ombre Hair Color 
What do the French and a wallet short on cash have in common? Perhaps the answer lies in ombré, a trendy and economical hair dyeing technique that goes hand in hand with this summer’s romantic bohemian fashion. More on Ombre Hair Color

Nano Hair Colorants – The Future of Erasing Gray Hair?

Nano Hair Colorants 
Have you ever walked out of a salon with warm, honey-brown hair, only to look in the mirror a month later and find it brassy and coppery-looking?  Or had your perfect, vibrant red tresses turn orange?  More on Nano Hair Colorants

Astressin-B – A Hair Loss Cure?

Astressin-B Cure for Hair LossFrom the elaborate, powdered wigs of the 18th-century to the aggressively teased hair of the 1980s, hair fashions have changed dramatically over time. But in the midst of ever-changing styling trends, one element remains constant – a woman’s hair is, and will always be, her crowning glory. More on Astressin-B

Formaldehyde in the Brazilian Blowout – Is It Safe?

Brazilian Blowout is is safe?
It’s no secret that women are willing to go to just about any lengths to achieve that perfect hairstyle. From extensions to heat styling to chemical perms, we sacrifice time and money to get the look we want. But would you be willing to put your health and safety at a risk?

That is the question in mind when it comes to Brazilian hair straightening, the latest craze to hit salons. This treatment, which is sold under brands like Brazilian Blowout and Brazilian Keratin Treatment, seals the hair cuticle with a liquid keratin and preservative solution to temporarily straighten the hair for 10 to 12 weeks. More on Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian ZERO – A Formaldehyde-free Alternative To Brazilian Blowout?

Brazilian Zero
In response to the escalating concerns about the use of formaldehyde in hair straightening procedures, Brazilian Blowout has come out with a new line – Brazilian Blowout ZERO. This treatment promises the same smooth, glossy hair as the original Brazilian Blowout, only with a major change: no formaldehyde. The company advertises a “Plant-Derived KereSafe Bonding System,” with the active ingredient changed to glycolic acid derived from sugar cane. Though the company still insists its original formula never contained formaldehyde in the first place, this new line is meant to set consumers’ minds at ease. More on Brazilian Zero

Japanese Hair Straightening or Brazilian Blowout?

Japanese Hair Straightening vs Brazilian Blowout 
The Brazilian Blowout, also known as Brazilian Keratin (the treatment’s primary ingredient) only lasts two to 4 months. Unlike the Japanese Hair Straightening process, which sticks to a lock-straight hair, its main purpose is to de-frizz the hair while still allowing it to curl, wave or become stick-straight. Your hair soon ends up taking its natural form on the entire length and not only at the roots. …More on Japanese Hair Straightening vs Brazilian Blowout

Is Japanese Hair Straightening Safe?

Japanese Hair Straightening 
For women with curly hair, curls aren’t always a dream. Straightening the hair can be a difficult task and it becomes a ritual only for special occasions and lasting too little after that, which can be frustrating. But modern cosmetic technology has made it possible to have straight hair for longer periods of time and even permanently. Japanese Hair Straightening is one of such solutions.

…More on Japanese Hair Straightening

Improvements in Hair Transplant Techniques

hair transplant 
Hair loss has been equated with a loss of vitality, youth, attractiveness and vigor for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years.  First used in ancient Egypt as a protection from the sun, wigs became an aesthetic accessory for Europeans as early as 1675.  Most often associated as a problem for men, women also suffer from the stigma of thinning hair.  In reality, after age 50, we all have varying degrees of thinning hair.  …More on Hair Transplant Techniques

Laser Hair Removal – Permanent Hair Removal or Money Hole?

laser hair removal 
It’s almost impossible to listen to the radio for more than a few minutes without hearing an advertisement for laser hair removal.  Because, really, is there anything we hate more than shaving, plucking and waxing?  As lasers have blanketed the cosmetic industry for all types of procedures from skin resurfacing to liposuction, laser hair removal has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  But are the results worth the price? …More on Laser Hair Removal