Traditional Face Lift Surgery – Better Techniques

When we think of facelift surgery, we often picture the “bad celebrity facelift photos” that we see in gossip magazines.  Public figures such as Kenny Rogers, Priscilla Presley, Joan Rivers, Rupert Everett and others have been skewered for shocking transformations that left them looking as if they’d taken a ride in a convertible jet plane.  What we don’t often realize is how many people have had terrific success with facelifts.  We simply don’t know about them because they still look natural and not, well, strange.

A good facelift is one that aims for a refreshed look rather than a total transformation.  In the past, cosmetic surgeons would simply make an incision around the ear and pull the top layer of skin tighter.  While this worked to tighten the skin and eliminate some wrinkles, the technique contributed to the “wind tunnel” look and the results did not last very long.  Today, improved techniques include an adjustment to your SMAS and possible other smaller procedures such as fat transfers, eye lifts and a neck lift to achieve the best results. …More on Facelift Techniques