Zoom and Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can give you a brighter smile in just minutes. You can receive teeth whitening treatments at the dentist, or use do-it-yourself systems to brighten your teeth at home, overnight, or even on the go.

Over time, tooth enamel tends to lose its natural gleam and grow darker and more yellow. This discoloration can be caused by frequent consumption of dark food and drinks (such as coffee, red wine, or dark chocolate), lifestyle (such as smoking or taking certain medications), or age.

Teeth whitening can be accomplished through many different methods:

In-office dental teeth whitening takes just an hour or less, and can brighten teeth by several shades in one visit. The dentist applies a bleaching agent to the teeth, then activates it with light, heat, or a laser. This method produces quick, dramatic results, but it can be costly at $500 – $700 per visit.

Zoom! is a patented in-office tooth whitening system that More on Zoom and Teeth Whitening