Cellulite Treatments – How They Work

Cellulite Treatments
Cellulite. It’s every girl’s enemy. Your bathroom shelves are lined with lotions, gels and gadgets. Yet, you still have the dreaded dimples and puckers on your thighs. What’s a girl to do?

Cellulite is not unusual; 90% of women over the age of 20 have it. The dimples and puckers that develop on the thigh, hip and stomach is normal fat that collects just below the skin surface.

There are lots of opinions but no sound medical agreement about the cause of cellulite. The contenders are:

– unusually thin skin
– larger fat cells with edema
– a deeper skin issue associated with connective tissue

Almost all doctors agree that cellulite is a factor of your gender and genes. Men don’t usually develop cellulite because they have thicker skin that masks the fat formation.

The Bad News and Good News

The bad news – According to doctors, no treatment eliminates cellulite. Nothing. Not even surgery.

The good news – There are many body contouring therapies offered by spa’s, dermatologists and cosmetic doctors that may provide some temporary reduction in cellulite and an overall improvement of its appearance, namely Endermologie, VelaShape and SmoothShapes.

These cellulite treatments use technologies that include either singularly or in combination:

Infrared Light Laser and Radio Frequency – Radio frequency and infrared light are emitted in various spectrums from a handheld instrument. They both safely and painlessly deep-heat the fatty tissues under the skin. The heat produced melts the fat and triggers the body to rebuild collagen that will firm the skin. The heat also temporarily increases blood circulation to the treated area which helps the fat get reabsorbed and carried off.

Vacuum and mechano-stimulation message: The vacuum and message helps the heat penetrate more deeply and helps move the liquefied fat around so the lymph system can drain it away. The suction and deep dermal stimulation also temporarily improves circulation and tones the skin improving the health of the tissue.

Are You A Good Candidate For These Treatments?

The ideal candidate for these new technologies is someone who:

– eats a healthy diet
– is physically fit
– committed to a rigorous exercise program
– drinks plenty of water
– is between the ages of 30-45
– keeps the maintenance schedule

You are not a good candidate for these types of therapy if you:

– are sensitive to laser
– do not exercise
– are overweight by 30 lbs. or more
– will not follow maintenance schedule
– not committed to healthy diet and proper hydration

The Bottom Line on Cellulite Treatments

There are some naysayers to these types of body contouring therapies. Some experts have argued that the improvements that people notice after treatment is only the result of inflammation in the treated area that temporarily makes the cellulite less noticeable.

Since the most ideal candidates are those who are committed to a long-term and rigorous exercise schedule, these experts argue that the improvements in the appearance of cellulite is from the exercise, not the therapies. According New Orleans Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kamran Khoobehi, “The best fix is exercise and muscle build up. I have not seen cellulite in body builders.'”

Whether it’s through diligent exercise, maintaining a healthy diet or a commitment to any of the available cellulite treatments, there is no “One size fits all” when it comes to cellulite. As the saying goes – whatever works.


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