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Cosmalite Dental Veneer 
Ever noticed how all celebrities seem to be blessed with rows of perfectly straight, pearly-white teeth? In addition to fancy clothes and huge houses, perfect teeth seem to be a symbol of the rich and the famous. Of course, most celebrities’ flawless smiles are the result of cosmetic dentistry, not genetics. But unlike magazine cover shoots and paparazzi footraces, achieving that Hollywood smile is not a feat exclusive to celebrities.

Now, thanks to CosmaLite, patients are now able to preview exactly how they will look with straighter, better-shaped and whiter teeth.


CosmaLite refers to temporary veneers that are placed over natural teeth. CosmaLite veneers allow patients to see what their enhanced teeth and smile will look like before committing to permanent veneers.

Touted as an “instant smile makeover,” CosmaLite could also conceivably be used as a quick and temporary fix for a special event or occasion.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Lasting up to a week, the temporary veneers are placed over the patient’s teeth, with no pain and no damage. It’s not often that a process is as easy as 1-2-3. But in the case of CosmaLite, it actually is.

The procedure requires three office visits spanning 48 hours:

• 1ST VISIT – Digital photos and molds of the teeth are taken.

• 2ND VISIT – The patient returns for the acrylic veneers to be applied.

• 3RD VISIT – CosmaLite veneers can be removed, as necessary. At this point, the patient and the dentist can discuss to proceed with permanent veneers.

Unlike many other smile-enhancement procedures, the entire process is fairly simple. While the teeth do need to be polished in preparation for the temporary bonding, it is a far cry from the grinding down of the teeth that has to be done for the real thing.

Patients report no discomfort or sensitivity from the procedure. The temporary veneers are directly bonded to the teeth, so no braces or other contraptions are needed.

For years, dental veneers have been available to us mere mortals seeking straighter, whiter, more perfect teeth. So why isn’t everyone you see walking down the street sporting a Julia Roberts smile? In the past, patients have had to approach veneers much like they would approach getting a new haircut – fingers crossed that it will turn out as they hope. Unlike a haircut, however, with permanent veneers, things won’t return to normal in a couple months if it doesn’t work out. Here are some things to consider:

• Veneers wear down over time and will eventually need to be replaced. They require maintenance and may crack, chip, leak, change colors, etc.

• To attach the veneers, the teeth must be ground down, meaning once you choose veneers, there’s no turning back.

• Prices generally start at around $1000 – per tooth.

As you can see, permanent veneers are a serious commitment. It goes without saying that people are hesitant to invest in the procedure without a guarantee that the results will meet their expectations.


CosmaLite has an important benefit for both dentists and patients. If problems arise with the temporary veneers, it can help the dentist predict issues with the permanent veneers and make adjustments based on the temporary veneers, instead of trial and error.

Though CosmaLite costs about $700, if patients choose to proceed with permanent veneers, the cost is applied towards the future procedure.

It’s weird to think of “trying on” a smile like you would try on clothes, but that’s exactly what CosmaLite allows patients to do. And more importantly, the procedure gives clients adequate time and first-hand experience to make better decisions about whether permanent veneers are right for them. You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, and patients shouldn’t have to make such a huge commitment to changing their teeth, without first previewing the results to ensure satisfaction.

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