Does Strivectin Work to Diminish Wrinkles?

Strivectin Intensive Concentrate For Existing Stretch Marks. 
Klein-Becker USA, the company that manufactures Strivectin, has a whole range of products in the Strivectin line.   This article is about my experience with the original Strivectin cream: Strivectin Intensive Concentrate For Existing Stretch Marks.

A Little Background about Strivectin:

The success of the Strivectin cream was born out of serendipity. Strivectin was originally developed by Klein-Becker to eliminate stretch marks. Somewhere during the stages of research, the cream was handed out to female subjects to test its efficacy for stretch marks.  As luck would have it, the women either got confused or did not get clear enough instructions on the use of the cream. Instead of applying Strivectin on the stretch marks of their abdomens, thighs and buttocks, the women applied it on their foreheads, on their crow’s feet, around their mouths and other areas of their faces where they had wrinkles. Lo and behold, they found out that the cream smoothed out their wrinkles.

To make a long story short, Klein-Becker decided to market Strivectin as a cream to diminish wrinkles and existing stretch marks.

Does Strivectin really work to diminish wrinkles?

Here is my personal experience. Again, I have to clarify that Strivectin has a whole line of products, from a Deep Wrinkle Serum to Strivectin Eye Cream to a Wrinkle Filler and the increasingly becoming popular Strivectin Facial Sculpting Cream.  The  cream that I used was the original cream: Strivectin Intensive Concentrate For Existing Stretch Marks.

I bought the 6 ounce tube from Sephora. It lasted me a good 3 months. The instructions say to use it morning and night time. Personally, I found it a little too heavy to use during the day under my foundation, so I only used it at night before bedtime. A little of the cream goes a long way; the key is to massage it very well and gently over your wrinkles.

At first, I was beginning to get impatient as I did not see instant results.   After about a week and half, I started to see that it smoothed the fine wrinkles, but not the deeper one right in the center of my forehead. I also noticed something else: my skin began to look more dense on the areas where I applied it. It seemed to have built up and regenerated skin cells.  I really don’t quite know how else to describe it.  All I can say is that my skin looks more dense and I like the result.

I don’t want to give the impression Strivectin is a miracle cream.  If you have deep wrinkles and sagging skin, the best way to correct that would be to find a very qualified plastic surgeon or an experienced dermatologist. We all know that there is no quick fix cream that would substitute  good cosmetic surgery in the hands of an expert plastic surgeon or the instant wrinkle-free results one would get from Botox injections. However, sometimes an anti-wrinkle cream can be the solution of choice, especially if the wrinkles are not that deep and if one is not ready quite ready for Botox injections or cosmetic surgery.

Strivectin SD Intensive Concentrate For Existing Stretch Marks.
The thing with Strivectin is that it is not an overnight trick, like some creams that I’ve tried ( you know, the ones that seem to do magic in the first few days and then they stop working). It works gradually and it does continue to work, if you follow the regimen and massage it for 2 or 3 minutes, preferably 2 times a day. That Costco has been carrying Strivectin for many many years bears testament to the fact that the customers buy it because it really works!

I’m curious to try the other Strivectin products.  The last time I was browsing the Klein-Becker website, the Strivectin Deep Wrinkle Serum caught my eye.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, I don’t think there’s a cream out there that can erase a deep wrinkle like the one in the center of my forehead, other than getting Botox shots or undergoing a forehead lift.  Still, one must stay open-minded. Off to Sephora I go!


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