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Asia is known for having very strict and high standards of beauty that doesn’t allow for much flexibility. It can be defined in very specific terms such as pale skin, thin legs, high cheekbones, and large eyes. But despite this seemingly localized beauty standard, Asians also seem to gravitate towards Western ideals and many will go to great lengths to achieve more Western-looking features.

One of the most, if not the most, desired traits in Asian society is the double eyelid, or eyelid crease. In Western societies, this is often overlooked because it is so blatantly commonplace. This is strikingly different in Asian countries, where only an estimated 50% of people born to parents of Asian ethnicity have natural eyelid creases. To be born with the double eyelid crease is considered very lucky, and girls with natural double eyelids are usually the envy among their peers.

For those who were not born with double eyelids, there are several options available to simulate it.

Double Eyelid Tape

Double eyelid tape comes in packs of crescent-shaped pieces of tape. These are applied to the closed eyelid around the area where a natural crease would be. When the eyes are opened, the tape causes the eyelid to stick together, forming a crease.

Eyelid tape is good for those who want to try out the double eyelid look, but would rather not spend a lot of money on more expensive methods (the average price is about $5 USD for a box of 50 pairs). The only downsides of double eyelid tape is that the tape tends to look a little obvious and the stickiness will wear off throughout the day, so touch ups are necessary. Eyelid tape is widely available in Asian supermarkets and online. A popular brand of eyelid tape is Eye Charm, which is a Japanese brand.


Double Eyelid Glue

Double eyelid glue works a lot like eyelid tape, but instead of using tape strips, the user will instead apply a thin layer of specialized glue designed specifically for the sensitive skin of the eyelid. Eyelid glue lasts much longer than eyelid tape but also tends to cost more, around $10 USD per bottle. Popular brands of eyelid glue are Koji Eye Talk and Kiss Me Heroine, also Japanese brands.

Mezaik Stretch Fibers

One of the newer developments in the double eyelid product industry, Mezaik stretch fibers are becoming wildly popular in Asia because of their holding power and how natural they look. Mezaik stretch fibers are very thin, clear, stretchy fibers made out of skin-safe elastic. These are pulled taut across the eyelid and stuck in place at the corners of the eyes. The result is a crease created by the fiber pulling against the eyelid. These are very popular because the fibers are clear and look almost invisible, even if the eye is closed. This allows users to apply eye makeup as usual without it getting caught in tacky glue or tape. This is considered to be the most expensive non-invasive method for achieving double eyelids, averaging at about $15-$20 USD for a box of 30 pairs. Mezaik stretch fibers are manufactured by Japanese brand Mezikal.

Double Eyelid Surgery

For those opting for a more permanent solution to single lids or monolids, many Asians (mostly young women) get double eyelid surgery.

Double eyelid surgery, also known as Asian Eyelid surgery, is one of the most commonly practiced procedures in Asia. In fact, double eyelid surgery is so popular and common in South Korea that it is often used as a graduation present from parents to their teenage daughters.

There are two types of double eyelid surgery: incisive and suture.

Incisive eyelid surgery involves making a small incision in the eyelid and removing excess skin. As the eyelid heals, this forces the eyelid to fold, which results in a double eyelid. This is the most common type of surgery done in South Korea.

Suture eyelid surgery is much more intrusive, as it involves medical stitches placed below the eyelid skin in order to create the crease. It also tends to not last as long and may cause permanent scarring. This kind of surgery is practiced more in Japan and China.

asian double eyelid surgery 

The running price for double eyelid surgery in Western society is about $5000 USD, but the same procedure done in an Asian country will only cost about $1500 USD, and these surgeons are usually far more skilled because the procedure is so common.

The recovery time for double eyelid surgery can take up to several weeks, and results will not show up fully until about 2-6 months after the surgery. Double eyelid surgery is a very precise and delicate procedure, since there are many nerves around the eye area. Because of this, only qualified and experienced surgeons should carry out the procedure.

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  1. i’ve gotten permanent double eyelids just through years of wearing glue and tape.
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