Easy Beauty Habits You Can Do NOW

Easy Beauty Habits 
You know how your mother always says “I told you so” ?  Oh sure, you wished she’d stop saying that to your ear, but you know she’s right.  About most things anyway.  The curious part is that most of the advice she gives are SIMPLE things that are full of wisdom.

Speaking of which, here are some very easy, VALUABLE and simple beauty practices you can do for your body now. Some are obvious and plain common sense (however, common sense is sometimes not so common).  Consider them little beauty investments that you”ll be grateful for having done and will appreciate later in your life:

— Apply  your body lotion/moisturizer after you take a shower or bath.

If you look at the ingredients of most of the lotions in the market, you will find that they have a lot of good ingredients that have anti-aging, cell regenerating and wrinkle fighting properties.  The issue is: the DELIVERY of these ingredients to your skin.


It’s a proven fact that our skin cells become more receptive to topical lotions after a bath or a shower. It probably has something to do with the warm temperature of the water that opens up the skin pores. So take advantage of this time and treat your face and your body to your favorite lotion or moisturizer and let those “oh so good for your skin” age preventing, hydrating ingredients do their job at an optimum level.


Slouching makes you look old and fat and IT MAKES YOU LOOK OLD AND FAT.  If that prior sentence does not discourage you from slouching, then I don’t know.

As simple as it is to practice, un-slouching is a tough one because you tend to forget and then you slouch. But notice I said SIMPLE.  Yep, there’s no easy cut way around this. You just have to NOT do it.  When you catch yourself slouching, it’s ok. Just straighten your back. The more you practice standing /sitting straight, the more second nature it becomes. As they say, practice makes perfect.

I have invested in an Inversion Machine.  It’s a simple concept machine that allows you to lay  down in a nearly inverted to fully inverted position.  As scary as this may sound, it ISN”T.  It REALLY DOES FEEL GOOD on your spine and hips.  The concept is to allow more space between the discs of your spine.  I’m not sure but I think the spaces ( and whatever else is in those spaces)  provide a cushioning effect between each of the discs thereby  elongating the spine a little bit and allowing it to straighten and relieve some pressure from the discs.  I do actually feel taller and stand straighter after I do a couple of minutes on the Inversion Machine. DO MAKE SURE YOU’RE IN A GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION BEFORE GETING ON AN INVERSION MACHINE.

— Rinse your hair well after shampooing.

In these fast paced, “save water” times that we live in,  a lot of us rush through our hairwashing. Residue, be it shampoo or styling product, left on your scalp is never good. It doesn’t allow for the conditioner to do its job if there’s extra hair product sitting on your scalp or hair cuticle.  Also I’m a firm believer that constant residue on your hair sometimes causes dandruff and hair loss.  I’m all for time saving and water conservation; however not to the detriment of our hair, please.  Let’s conserve our hair first!


It doesn’t matter how many minutes, just take some time every now and then to stretch those limbs, hips and waist muscles.  Stretching elongates the muscles, making them flexible, making YOU flexible and thereby, to a certain degree, reducing your risk of injuring your muscles during those sudden “I-just-twisted-the-wrong-way” movements.  If you can invest the time to do yoga, hooray.  However, simple calisthenics which can be done anywhere anytime will also do the job.  If you’re unfamiliar with what stretching exercises you can do, simply google “stretching exercises”; there is plenty of information on the internet that I’m sure you’ll find two or three that you can easily do every now and then. KEEP IN MIND THAT AS YOU GROW OLDER, staying flexible becomes a valuable asset in preventing injury to your muscles.

— Eat the least amount of processed food

In these fast-paced times we live in, we simply cannot get away from eating some amount of processed food; however DO KEEP IT TO THE MINIMUM, as best as you can.  The reason is pretty self- explanatory.  I mean, do you really want to ingest all those preservatives into your body?  Are you trying to mummify yourself??  I’ve always wondered how meta bisulfite gets synthesized in my body, what becomes of it.  Does it become metabolized into a less benign element or does it become worse and what is its “shelf life” (pardon the pun) inside my body?

You want to be beautiful from the inside and out.  When you give your body the right nutrients, it shows: your hair is shinier, your nails resilient and stronger, and most of all, your skin glows. Be kinder to your body.

Use those samples of lotions and moisturizers

You know all those little samples of moisturizers/lotions that you get and don’t know what to do with?I receive a lot of samples from  Kinerase, Lancome, MD Skincare and other expensive cosmetic brands from Sephora.  I simply cannot use all of them on my face but I don’t want to throw them away.  What to do?

Keep them by your bedside.  It doesn’t matter what kind.  Before you go to sleep, open one of them and apply to your hands, knees, elbows, even your feet.  I do this because I hate for the samples to be thrown away; however, I simply don’t want to apply just any kind of moisturizer  I’m not familiar with on to my face. So I apply them on my hands, knees, elbows, etc.–all skin areas that aren’t sensitive as my face.


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