Elixis for Body Contouring

Exlilis for body contouring
Love handles. Saddlebags. Jiggly arms and double chins. We all have trouble areas on our bodies that we’re not too happy about and wish we could get rid of. But not everyone is ready to commit to surgeries or other invasive procedures because of the long treatment and recovery periods, the pain, the cost, and the fear of unnatural-looking results. Luckily, the cosmetic industry has been ablaze with a plethora of treatments that purports to slim down fatty areas without the hassle of surgery.

Two cosmetic procedures developed in the last decade have become popular for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening. Ulthera uses ultrasound to create hot spots under the skin, while Thermage does the same using radiofrequency.

The latest to join this family is Exilis. Designed to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and reshape fat deposits, Exilis combines the technologies of Ulthera and Thermage to achieve even greater results. The procedure blends radiofrequency with ultrasound to deliver heat 1 to 3 cm into the fat layer without risking damage to the surrounding skin and tissue. A constant cooling protects the skin’s surface from the heat, allowing deeper fat layers to be targeted specifically.

There are already so many technologies out there…so WHAT MAKES EXILIS UNIQUE?

Although it seems rather risky to expose your body to high frequency heat, Exilis has something neither of its predecessors did—a technology known as Energy Flow Control (EFC). EFC does exactly as its name says. The technology controls the flow of energy delivered in the procedure by using a feature known as Square Spectrum Energy Profiling. This ensures that there are no unexpected spikes in energy, which might cause burns. The EFC keeps the energy at an even flow, reducing discomfort and increasing Exilis’ speed and efficiency.

How Exilis Works

Fat cells are stored in clusters, like diabolical little bunches of grapes that refuse to budge no matter how hard we diet or exercise. During the Exilis treatment, the cells are actually separated from one another using mechanical waves, making it easier for the high frequency energy to reach them. Once blasted by the heat, the fat cells release fatty acids and shrink in volume from being melted. The melted runoff is carried away by the lymphatic system, and eventually, it leaves the body the same way as other wastes—in the bathroom.

The Exilis device can treat areas of about 5 x 7 inches at a time. This small area allows a more targeted, customized treatment. In each session, the device spends 4 to 5 minutes treating each area, and 1 to 8 areas can be treated per session.

Despite the multiple sessions needed, the treatment time for each is actually very short. Even if you opted to treat 8 areas, each measuring 5 x 7 inches, you’d still be done with one session in less than an hour. And there is absolutely no recovery time involved. Even better, there is no pain involved. In fact, the procedure is so gentle and customizable that it can be used on the face to tighten the skin and wrinkles. Patients report a slight warming feeling, but no discomfort. Some even liken it to getting a massage.

How Much Does Exilis Cost?

Although some patients report seeing results after just one or two sessions, the recommended treatment is at least 4 sessions over the span of 4 weeks. Patients may opt for fewer or more sessions, but are recommended to wait 7 to 10 days in between each treatment.

Depending on the number of sessions and treatment areas, the Exilis procedure can cost anywhere between $900 and $2000. And though this is a fairly reasonable price, an important thing to consider is that the results are not permanent, lasting between 12 to 18 months. Still, that is a decent length of time to be rid of a double chin or love handles spilling over your jeans.

As with everything, Exilis is not for everyone. The procedure is meant only for people at a healthy weight who want to tone up their problem areas. It does not treat cellulite and cannot help those who are very overweight or have visceral fat—the kind of hard fat that causes beer bellies.

Diet and exercise will always be the best and healthiest way to shed the pounds, but it doesn’t hurt to have the help of a procedure that literally melts the fat away from the outside in. Whether you’re craving a more streamlined physique or just want to get rid of a roll here or there, Exilis might be just the thing to provide that extra push.

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  1. Considering everything it does, the price isn’t bad at all.

    • Victoria Strander says:

      Hello, Aleya!

      Yes, Exilis, this “new kid on the block,” supposedly is less expensive than Ulthera. It also works for facial tightening – watch for upcoming article, Exilis For The Face. So good to hear from you, Aleya…take care!


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