Exilis For Facial Tightening

Exilis for Facial Tightening
One of the sweetest ironies in life, and in facial anti-aging treatments, is that what’s often best for us is also quite painful. Without ice or a local anesthetic, Botox can sting worse than the average mosquito bite. Less gentleness can be attributed to Thermage, often described as the “most painful” non-invasive skin lifting technique.

Luckily, beauty isn’t all about no pain, no gain. Exilis, a body sculpting and skin tightening procedure, is not only virtually painless, but also extremely effective. A combination of radio frequency and ultrasound technology, Exilis is also embedded with Energy Flow Control (EFC), preventing sudden spikes which can result in painful burns. In fact, Exilis requires no local anesthetics, ice or strong painkillers.

Although mostly used for “large scale” fat sculpting, such as eradicating love handles and saggy butts, Exilis is easily adaptable to the face. Unlike the larger fat sculpting hand piece, facial Exilis uses a smaller piece resembling a wand. Understanding that no one wants to resemble an aging, anorexic skeleton with gaunt, hollow cheeks, facial Exilis focuses on skin tightening rather than fat blasting.

But How Exactly Does The Exilis Wand Turn Back The Clock?

The magic word, as it is in most facial rejuvenation treatments, is collagen. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body – it’s found in blood vessel walls, in kneecap cartilage and even in muscles. Helix-shaped like strands of DNA, collagen is found throughout the various skin layers. Continued collagen rebuilding is important in keeping the face young and fresh looking, for it provides support to the face’s skin. When collagen production decreases in older age, the skin begins to loose its elasticity and sag, causing marionette lines, crow’s feet and other wrinkles to appear.

Exilis uses the heat from the radio waves and ultrasound to destroy the collagen. Yup, destroy. But by burning and unwinding the collagen strands condensed in the deepest layers of the skin in a most precise and even strength, a healing response is set off that restarts the production of new collagen. The old, sagging infrastructure is replaced with new, springy collagen that tightens the skin, causing wrinkles to disappear and the face to regain it’s previous elasticity.

As collagen takes a full three months to be produced, results aren’t available to the naked eye readily. Usually, one or two treatments are enough to suffice, although four treatments are recommended for those with extremely wrinkled skin. The length of the results typically depend on diet and exercise, with healthy habits prolonging them.

Available Europe since 2005, and FDA-approved in the US since 2009, Elixis is hardly new. Yet users seem to be satisfied with the treatment, especially as an alternative to the risky and painful liposuction, or, in terms of facial rejuvenation, to Botox or Thermage. Most importantly, it’s able to do what liposuction cannot do to the face – jumpstart fibroblasts to make new collagen… So why not try the magic wand and turn back the clock!

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  1. Oh great post. I actually was not familiar with this treatment, and I am an anti-aging enthusiast. This process does sound very nice and to increase collagen is wonderful. Also I love that it targets all signs of aging including lines around eyes. And of course pain-free is a good thing for everyone. Great write-up and thanks for the information!