Facial Bone Decrease Contributes To Looking Old

Facial Bone Decrease
If you think that a regimen of Botox, laser therapy and other wrinkle-eliminating treatments is enough to combat signs of aging, think again. According to new findings by doctors of the University of Rochester Medical Center, the above are merely facial “clothes.”

During the annual meeting of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons in Texas, the physicians cited that a true youthful restoration of the face requires more than just the tightening of skin – they emphasized that the restoration of facial bone structure is necessary before any skin-tightening takes place. Think of it as the vital “undergarment” that provides support to your facial tissue and skin.

Jaw Length And Height Decrease As We Age

At the heart of the study was the review of 120 facial CT scans, which represented both genders and three different age groups, ranging from age 20-65. By using a computer program to calculate dimensions of the mandible (jaw bone) in the three different age groups, researchers were able to trace how the jaw’s angle increases over time due to aging, which causes the lower end of the face to lose definition.

This decrease in both jaw length and height affects the facial foundation and therefore changes one’s facial aesthetics. The loss of jaw volume causes a decrease in support for the lower face and neck’s soft tissues, which in turn decreases the projection of the chin, resulting in saggy facial skin and a less-defined jawline.

In the past, doctors believed that facial aging happened as a result of the descent of facial tissue. But it has also long been known that bone mass decreases over time. Recent studies now prove that the loss of facial volume, that is, the decrease in facial fat as well as bone mass, is a big contributor to facial aging. Physicians are now more aware how these changes affect the overall appearance of the face. Clearly, facial rejuvenation should take a two-pronged approach – rebuild the underlying structure before tightening facial skin.

What Are The Options To Restore Facial Structure?

• Add cheek and chin implants to suspend facial tissue in the “up” direction

• Inject hylauronic acid (HA) fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, a less invasive but temporary solution

• Inject Sculptra, a poly-lactic acid that builds volume over a period of a few months, providing a longer-lasting result than HA dermal fillers

For a truly youthful-looking face, it’s not enough just to cut and tighten – consider rejuvenating the understructure of your face.

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