Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Get Rid of Turkey Neck 
Do you feel like you have extra or loose skin in the neck area? This is commonly called a turkey neck, and it may be caused by aging, weight gain, or even genetics. But there are now many solutions to change your appearance, including those that are non-surgical, minimally invasive, and surgical.

• Ulthera

A non-surgical procedure, Ulthera has recently been spotlighted on The Dr. Oz Show as one that utilizes ultrasound to trigger collagen growth, lift targeted facial tissues as well as firm up the skin. The use of the DeepSEE technology leads to the best results possible, as the skin is able to be treated to the required depth. The treatment is performed in under an hour, with immediate visible results that continue to improve as the collagen keeps growing.

Dr. Haresh Yalamanchili, an Ulthera provider from Houston, comments that Ulthera is able to reach deep enough to tighten facial structures and connective tissue without going under the scalpel or getting sutures. It is a great alternative to surgery, with hardly any downtime and saving expenses.

• Smartlipo

Smartlipo eliminates adipose tissue and fat, allowing the jaw line to look more straight and the neck to appear more defined. Being a minimally invasive procedure, Smartlipo is appropriate for delicate areas of the neck. The patient is able to remain awake during the procedure, as the anesthesia is only applied locally to the needed areas. The procedure can be performed in about 90 minutes and may be done on an out-patient basis. For these reasons, the downtime is very minimal.

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a Smartlipo Neck Lift provider from Newport Beach, elaborates that the procedure allows him to remove a little amount of fat and shrink down the tissue by heating it. His patients are able to recover quickly and often report back to work the following day, continuing with their normal lives, but looking years younger.

Dr. W. Jason Martin, a Denver Smartlipo cosmetic surgeon, explains that the procedure is ideal for people with a little excess fat or excess skin but don’t need a facelift.

• Mini-Facelift

Developed by Palm Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Anita Mandal, a third option called Whisper Lift exists for older patients who need a little more help in tightening up their neck region. Whisper Lift is a surgical procedure that tightens both the skin and underlying muscle. The small incisions, once healed, are easily hidden. Using only local anesthesia, the procedure takes anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

This mini-facelift is perfect for patients who do not yet wish to go through a full on traditional facelift. Understandably so, because a conventional facelift usually involves the added risks/side effects of general anesthesia.

All in all, if you want to get rid of your turkey neck, talk to your physician to discuss which method is the best for you. While each method has its advantages, keep in mind that if a method is less invasive, that may mean less dramatic results.

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