Glamoxy Snake Serum : Botox without Needles?

glamoxy snake serum

The rumor mill has been flooded lately with news of celebrities (who are always up to date with the latest beauty tips) using Glamoxy Snake Serum. Supposedly, Kate Moss, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell are big fans of  this hard-to-get-your-hands-on Glamoxy Snake Serum that may just give Botox a run for its money.

Does Glamoxy Snake Serum work like Botox without needles?

Is it Botox in a bottle?

It may very well be.  In the U.K., advance orders of the product have exceeded 10,000.  Consumers have a hard time buying it.  The manufacturer, Rodial, says on their website that they are SOLD OUT and are only taking advance orders.

Glamoxy Snake Serum works like Botox. It’s a muscle freezer in the form of a serum. The main ingredient is Syn-ake or Snyake, a neuropeptide that mimics the effects of the Southeast Asian Temple Viper’s venom. Trials have shown that in about 90 seconds, it relaxes the wrinkles and with continued use, results in a 52% reduction of the wrinkles.

Because it is a cream that is applied topically, it is non-invasive.  For people who are averse to Botox injections, this might be a worthwhile option to try.  Supposedly, 2 pumps of Glamoxy 2 times a day produces the wrinkle relaxing effect that lasts 8 hours.

The Rodial website lists the following ingredients in the Glamoxy Snake Serum:

1. Syn-ake or Synake – It produces a mild freeze on the muscle contractions. Tiny bubbles form that get filled in by Fiflow BTX, an oxygen carrier.

2. Fiflow BTX – carries oxygen to the cells, encouraging cell respiration.  This very process has an added effect of adding volume to the skin, plumping it up and gives the skin radiance and glow.

3. Proturon – redensifies the skin. It also gives a 3D plumping effect.

4. Ronasphere – works to fade fine lines and correct skin tone.

5. Pomegranate ellagic tannin – a powerful anti-oxidant to protect the skin against free radicals.

A spokesperson for Rodial says that two years of research have gone into the making of Glamoxy Snake Serum. According to the them, there is no other product in the market right now that produces instant results in relaxing wrinkles.



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  1. Cathy Nguyen says:

    I am eager to try Glamoxy Snake Serum. Does anyone know if it’s available at any of the major retailers? Maybe a specialty retailer? If so, what is the price?

  2. Beautyquest says:

    Hi, Cathy. Glamoxy Snake Serum is quite difficult to buy these days in the United States. I was able to snag the last bottle at Bloomingdales in Costa Mesa, CA. Initially, they couldn’t find it and they thought they had sold all 3 bottles they had gotten the previous day from the sales rep. When I passed by at the counter again after a few hours, the consultant waved at me and said they located one behind the counter so I bought it. I’ll post my personal experience with it in a few days. So far I’m happy with the results. i’d really like to “road test” it for a couple of weeks, just to be sure.
    In answer to your question, as of March 7, Bloomingdales at Newport Beach, CA had at least one bottle of the Glamoxy Snake Serum.

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