Hold Back Time With a Mini Facelift

mini face lift
It is possible to reverse the signs of aging before they take too much hold, with a Mini Facelift. With only about 5 days of downtime, the procedure, also known as the “Weekend Lift,” is less invasive than a full surgical facelift so the risk and incidence of scarring is kept to a minimum. It is most appropriate for younger patients whose signs of aging are moderate.

Mini Facelift or Full Facelift?

A Mini Facelift will address wrinkles and sagging in targeted areas of the  midface, the  cheek and jowl area. It will not correct problems in the forehead or brow area.  A full facelift or traditional facelift, on the other hand, will correct these as well as most areas of the entire face.

The procedure

Small incisions are made just along the hairline, and down to the area just in front of the ear lobe. The skin is then loosened, stretched, and pulled in an upward  motion to help lift the skin.
There are two approaches to this procedure; one makes use of an endoscope inserted into the skin, while the other makes use of more continuous incisions without the use of the endoscope.

The endoscope allows the surgeon to view the area beneath the skin via a small camera. The surgeon is then guided by the images to make cuts to remove excess fat and reshape muscles. This means that there are fewer incisions in the surface of the skin.
Without the endoscope, the surgeon is required to make more incisions and will turn over the skin so that the area to be treated can be seen.
Once the procedure is complete, small stitches are applied to fix the skin in position, then the patient can start recovery. The stitches are removed within two weeks of the treatment, once healing is well under way.

The procedure is conducted under local anaesthetic, making it less traumatic than a full facelift, which requires a general anaesthetic. This means that recovery times are shorter and patients can resume normal activities more quickly. To aid the healing process, it has been found that ice packs applied to the area up to one week prior to treatment, help alleviate the swelling and bruising that occur.

Who are the best candidates for the mini facelift?

The mini facelift provides the best results for patients who show only moderate signs of aging, and whose skin is not excessively sagging. Patients from an age of 30 to mid 50’s are best suited to this technique.
Because the procedure does not require general anaesthetic, it is the preferred choice for patients suffering from other medical conditions, who are considered too high risk to undergo a full surgical face lift under this method of sedation.

The mini facelift is a less costly option than the full surgical facelift, and so is  perhaps more appealing to those who are conscious about their budget. This lesser cost is also more in proportion to the overall results that can be expected, which are more subtle than those achieved using more invasive surgical techniques.

How long do the results last?

The results are very effective, producing a smooth, unlined facial appearance. The cheeks and jowls appear less saggy, and it helps to tighten the neck area too. Areas to the top end of the face such as the forehead and brow, are generally not affected by the mini facelift. .
It should be noted that the skin continues to age with time despite the surgery, and so the appearance will change over the coming years. However, the signs of aging will not be as severe as they would have been had the mini facelift not taken place.

Are there any side effects?

Potentially, as with any cosmetic medical procedure, there are some risks a ssociated with mini facelifts. There may be some incidence of hair loss, numbness around the area of the incisions, and some scarring. Smokers may experience a slower healing process.
Anyone considering mini facelifts should seek the services of a qualified surgeon and take expert advice.


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