How to Age Like a Beauty Icon

Look Like a Model 
A good dose of fame, fortune and a full-time makeup artist certainly can’t hurt when navigating the aging game. But for the rest of us mere mortals, there are still plenty of secrets to steal from the stars who seem to be getting it right. Here are 7 favorite tips from 7 ageless icons — and there’s nary a needle among them!

1. SPF
The importance of wearing a daily sunscreen has been repeatedly beat into our brains by everyone from our dermatologist to our mothers. Okay! We know, we know! But still, the message bears repeating, and perhaps, expanding.

Case in point, supermodel Paulina Porizkova, age 46. She says that she has worn SPF on her face every day since age 27. It definitely shows in her youthful and wrinkle free skin. But she says she wishes she would have put it on her chest, too, because now she can see the difference. So, double your portion and slather southwards.

The mantra that ‘less is more’ is especially true when it comes to applying makeup as we age – with perhaps one exception. Lipstick.

As we age, crow’s feet and undereye wrinkles only seem to take center stage as we apply more concealer, shadow and liner. Actress and natural stunner Blythe Danner, age 68, says women should never leave the house without lipstick after age 40. Not only does it plump thinning lips, it creates color, balance, and a ‘finished’ look for your face as you back off the heavy eye products.

We can’t be sure they are telling the truth, but most beautiful women over a certain age deny putting in any time on the treadmill, or worse, on the mind-numbing elliptical machine. Instead, most of them seem to favor stretching, walking, gardening, horse back riding and other tranquil endeavors.

Raquel Welch, who continues to drop jaws at 70 years of age, swears by six-day-a-week yoga sessions at 6 a.m. Exercise does wonders for your mood, bone strength, endurance and energy – and if it’s actually enjoyable and gives you a chance of looking like Raquel Welch at 70, isn’t it worth a try?

A face with glowing skin that’s free of wrinkles is the ultimate goal. But if it is framed by a head of mousy brown, dishwater blonde or dreary gray hair, nobody will notice the face.

World-class beauty, mogul, model and mom Cindy Crawford, age 45, says that women can get all kinds of plastic surgery, but it’s really hair color that allows women to keep looking younger for longer. A good stylist will take into account your skin tone and eye color to create a shade that’s perfect for fooling the calendar.

In our 20s, we can get away with staying up all night and still looking human the next day. But – that’s all over by about age 38. In fact, a night with less than 7 hours of sleep usually shows up on our faces in the form of dry, gray skin and sagging eyes. If we happen to pair a cocktail or three with insufficient sleep – forget about it.

Helen Mirren, 65-year-old actress and senior citizen bikini wonder woman, says her secret to aging well is getting as much sleep as possible. Not content to just snooze at night, Dame Mirren even sneaks naps throughout the day in her movie trailers. Clearly, all that shut-eye is working for her.

6. SEX
And if you’re already planning on upping your time spent in bed, why not kill two birds with one mattress? Increased calorie burner, bonafide skin glower and happiness producer, sex is (not so) secret number 6 for aging well.

While she hasn’t specifically credited sex with keeping her beautiful after 40, actress Diane Lane, 46, said in an interview that she is done having sex scenes in the movies because she can have all she wants in real life. Sex increases endorphins and overall contentment, neither of which can be bought in a bottle or injected with a needle.

Finally, there comes a certain point in every woman’s life where chasing after youth is simply no longer realistic or even desirable. But that does not mean that beauty must fade. On the contrary, beauty comes to full fruition as both an inner and outer manifestation of a woman’s attitude and confidence.

At 76, Italian actress Sophia Loren is the oldest woman on the list. Her gorgeous appearance is only trumped by her incredible confidence as she remains one of the world’s most iconic beauties. We would then all be wise to take Loren’s words to heart when she says, “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief she is beautiful.”


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