How to Look Beautiful in Pictures

Taking a picture can be a dreadful moment for some people. When we see the “dead deer” eyes or sloppy posture, we tend to ask ourselves “Is that me?!” And then we tend to avoid cameras altogether. But there are a few simple tricks that you can use to always look great in any picture. Models and actors make it look easy and you can, too. It’s all a matter of doing some homework. You don’t have to look perfect. You just can’t be intimidated by the camera.

The Picture Moment

1. Natural pose – If you engage the photographer in a light conversation, it’s easier to relax and look more natural. If you have the chance to interact with a child or a pet, it can also help to a less rigid pose.

2. Never put the arms right by your sides. This will make you look fat and more rigid. Put your hands on the hips or in the pockets, hold a glass, a notebook or clasp the arms in the back or the front.

3. Posture – Stand up straight. Roll the shoulders back and down, elongate the neck, and tighten the stomach muscles. This will make you look taller and leaner as long as you can keep it natural. Putting one foot in front of the other and bending your knees slightly will make your legs look leaner and longer.

4. Natural smile – Just think of something funny to bring out a natural smile. You can also ask the photographer to throw a spontaneous word like “baby” or “beach” that will likely make you smile.

How To Look Beautiful in Pictures

5. Light – A good source of light can work miracles on your skin. If you’re outdoors, use a flash and if you’re indoors, get close to a window and also use the flash. The brighter the light, the lesser imperfections will appear.

6. No red eyes – Fix the pupils on a source of light before taking the picture. This will make them contract and reduce the chances of red eye.

7. Glasses – To avoid lens glare, consider removing your glasses, if you wear any.

8. Double chin – A no-no in any picture! Make sure the camera lens is at the level of your eyes. If it’s below, sit on a chair or slightly bend your knees (if it’s not a full-body picture, of course). Then, slightly project your chin forward. This will make your neck look longer and the upper body more elegant.

9. Keeping your eyes open – Noon is a bad time for outdoor pictures, so try to avoid it. But either outdoors or indoors, try this trick to keep your eyes open when the flash hits you: close your eyes and ask the photographer to count to 3. Open your eyes only on 3. You’ll sure have them open when the picture is taken.

10. Worse features – Slightly turning your head and shoulders away from the camera will make any asymmetrical features less evident (one ear or eye larger or higher than the other, for example). This will also make you look slimmer.

11. Look the right way – Focusing the eyes straight into the lens is a bad idea. Instead, look just above it or over the photographer’s shoulder. It will give you a more natural look rather than an awkward stare.

12. Finally, if you can, look in a mirror (even if it’s a small one) before the picture. If you don’t have the time or the mirror, run the tongue over your teeth just in case something is caught in them!

Practice, practice, practice…

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