How to Treat Eczema

How to Treat Eczema
Eczema is most commonly found in children under the age of three. However, it can also be found in adults and is also known to be a problem for many women, many of whom inherited the condition. While doctors don’t know what the exact causes of eczema are, we can say that sometimes the condition is brought on by the use of irritating products such as soap, makeup, detergent or even sweat. Here are some tips on how to care for eczema:

• Oatmeal is perhaps the most commonly used home remedy for eczema because it helps to soothe the uncomfortable symptoms of eczema and also helps to hydrate skin. Although you can find oatmeal lotions, it is highly recommended to take oatmeal baths. Mix some olive oil in with the oatmeal that you will bathe in to help with the inflammation.

• As an alternative to oatmeal, you might also try using quinoa on your skin. Quinoa is packed with nutrients and will act as an intensive moisturizer. It may also help if you eat some quinoa for breakfast because it’s a good idea to care for your body from the inside out.

• Apply a natural lotion onto your skin several times a day. The fewer chemicals the lotion has, the better because lotions with lots of chemicals will irritate your skin even more than it already is.

• Another way to help get relief from eczema is to take vitamin E daily. You can also eat foods that are high in vitamin E as a way to add even more of this vital nutrient.

• It’s very important to stay away from synthetic fibers if you have eczema because they have a tendency to irritate skin. Your best option is to wear clothing made from cotton so that your skin won’t get scratched or overheated and can breathe freely.

• Do not use any chemicals such as perfume on your body and don’t use detergents that have a strong perfume scent. You should also stay away from fabric softener.

If you have eczema, you should also visit your doctor as needed so that he/she can keep an eye on you and prescribe any necessary medications. Be sure to listen to your doctor and do as he/she says so that you heal faster.

This post written by Aleya at a cosmetology school that has locations in New York and Florida.


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