Ombre Hair Color – Summer’s New Trend

Ombre Hair Color 
What do the French and a wallet short on cash have in common? Perhaps the answer lies in ombr√©, a trendy and economical hair dyeing technique that goes hand in hand with this summer’s romantic bohemian fashion.

Ombre, from the French to shade/ shadow, is a form of free-style dyeing technique, in which highlighting dye is applied sparingly at the top and liberally at the roots. The end result? A gradual transition from dark, mysterious roots to sun kissed tips that creates an endless summer vibe.

Model Alexa Chung and Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker swear by ombre, and other Hollywood starlets have followed suit. But ombre’s popularity and novelty lies in its accessibility to the common woman, not just the rich and the famous. Don’t let the French name fool you; you don’t need the services of a high-end hairstylist to recreate this simple, effortless style. In fact, ombre makes the unacceptable natural, darker roots desirable. Drawing out the length between salon visits, ombre spares your pocketbook from the blows of frequent in-salon highlighting.

Remember, highlights must be concentrated around your face and at the tips. Ombre does not consist of two drastically colored halves, but three to four different colors. Transition is key. Without the gradient effect, the dye will clash and resemble an artificial 80’s wig.

Ombre can have a spectrum from black to reddish brown, or dark brown to dark blonde. Another word of wisdom: simply foregoing salon trips altogether and allowing your roots to grow in wildly and unchecked can make you look sloppy and add years to your age.

Before deciding to go ombre, take your haircut and color into account. Ombre is best suited for women with long,wavy hair, such as Lily Aldridge and Jessica Biel; short hair doesn’t allow enough length to blend dyes. Brunettes and others with naturally dark roots find it easier to create the ombre look, while those with blond or graying hair will have to work to maintain their roots dark and take care to not overbleach the ends. Avoid extremes – the trick to sporting ombre is to prevent your hair from becoming faded or too bleached. Even though ombre may reduce your number of salon visits, it still requires a level of commitment.

Ombre is a natural-looking compromise for dark-haired girls too timid to venture into blonde-hood. The gentle, romantic tones also work well with pale complexions that have a tendency to flush and burn during the summer. The lighter colors around your face will brighten and highlight your features, while the darker roots will keep you looking cool and collected.

So grab your strappy sandals, floral dress, and sunglasses – romance is in the air! A perfect complement to this summer’s gentle, hippie-loving style, ombre is sure to ride the waves of summer into the darker, multi-toned leaves of fall.


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  1. I wanna try this kind of hair color! The ombre trend is definitely popular right now…

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