Ouchless Needle For Painless Botox Injections

Ouchless Needle 
That’s right, we’re not in Kansas anymore. Painful injections in the name of beauty are now a thing of the past, thanks to Dr. Marc J. Salzman, plastic surgeon and inventor of a revolutionary device called the Ouchless Needle that has taken the cosmetic injectables industry by storm. Salzman, along with BellaNovus Development Company, unveiled the Ouchless Needle on July 20, 2011.

Despite the Ouchless Needle being a huge step forward, “painless” injections are not a new idea in the field. Earlier innovations include the Japanese-made Nanopass 33, an insulin injection needle with a tip that measures at only 0.2 millimeters in diameter. Marketed as the world’s thinnest needle, an injection using one of these reduces pain levels to that of being bit by a mosquito.

The Ouchless Needle is a disposable dispenser that attaches onto a syringe commonly used for injecting doses of Botox, Juvederm, or Restalyne. With the click of a button, the Ouchless Needle delivers a gentle spray of numbing and cooling agents onto the skin right before injection. This spray, also called a vapocoolant, freezes and numbs the top layer of skin to take away the sting of the injection.

Ouchless NeedleSalzman’s device eliminates the time-consuming and messy process of numbing patients’ faces, replacing wet, dripping ice cubes and slow-acting numbing creams that can sometimes leave patients numb even after the procedure. And because the Ouchless Needle can be used by both right-handed and left-handed doctors, one-handed injections remain as easy as ever.

The most publicized feature of the Ouchless Needle are its immediate numbing action and its sanitary benefits. Because it is a spray, the skin experiences the numbing sensation right away (numbing creams can sometimes take up to 40 minutes to properly numb the skin). And because the attachment has only limited use, cross-contamination between patients is no longer a worry.

The Ouchless Needle comes in three different, color-coded models: Sapphire (clear blue)—meant for shorter style syringes, Emerald (clear green)—compatible with Juvederm syringes, and Topaz (clear pink)—for basic neurotoxins and dermal injections. Each cartridge provides approximately 18 sprays and can be easily removed and attached from one syringe to the next. All models can be ordered and purchased by practitioners on the Ouchless Needle website in boxes of 4 or 15.

At the moment, the Ouchless Needle is marketed towards the cosmetic injectable market, but with further advancements, this could very well be integrated into general medical practice, which could potentially make vaccines, IV drips, and blood tests less painful. Years ago, the idea of a painless shot was unheard of, but with the Ouchless Needle, it might just be the next step.

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