Practicing For Your Photo Shoot

Even though sometimes a friend or family member may be taking photos when we least expect, usually we know when we’re having a picture taken and we can prepare for it. Get a mirror, good lighting, a chair, a camera, a tripod and do your homework.

1. Start by sitting alone in front of the mirror with good lighting and no shadows cast on you. Relax. No one is there to judge you. Think about something pleasant and smile. Notice that smile and then try a few other expressions and smiles (just a hint of a smile or a more serious look). Try open and closed-mouthed smiles to see which one is more flattering.

2. Repeat the different expressions until you find the one you think is the best – the one you really want the world to see.

3. Practice that look over and over again until it becomes natural. The more you practice your facial muscles for that expression, the quicker you’ll be able to redo that look spontaneously anytime a camera flashes at you.

4. Set up the camera on the tripod and take photos of yourself with your chosen look.

Everyday Tips

After the mirror exercise (and if you do know you’re having a picture taken), you can also do something about your appearance a few days or weeks prior to the big “P” day:

1. Three steps – Clean, tone and moisturize your skin morning and evening to improve its look.

Practice for a Great Picture

2. Outfits – Closer to the picture date, prepare a few outfits and narrow them down until you find the perfect one. Choose a color that flatters you, a color that usually gets you some compliments. And don’t forget to add the right accessories. Try different purses, shoes, earrings and necklaces to enhance the outfit.

3. Hair – Avoid bad surprises. Do NOT get a drastic haircut or change in your hair color prior to picture day. Also practicing in advance the hair style you have in mind will boost your confidence and will certainly up your sexiness factor in your photos.

4. Makeup – Also practice the makeup you want to wear. Makeup should enhance your features but without overwhelming them. For picture purposes you can go a bit further than your usual makeup. So try shades of gold, a sparkly lip-gloss and curling your eyelashes. Just stick to a matte foundation to avoid looking oily on the picture.

5. Don’ts – Having drinks like red wine can give you red spots in your face, give you a “glassy eye” look, or worse, make your face look swollen in the picture. Be careful not to be around things that you could be allergic to (e.g. flowers and strong smells).

6. If you know about picture day, do remember to get a good night sleep the night before, so that your skin and eyes look fresh.

And now you are ready to take any kind of picture, be it programmed or spontaneous. When in front of the camera, just relax. Be subtle. Don’t overreact on your pose and smile – and above all – have fun!
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