SmoothShapes Treatment
The newest member to the cellulite roller and vacuum club is SmoothShapes. What sets it apart is its use of two different lasers during treatment. The first laser delivers energy to the subcutaneous fat cells to increase their permeability, while the other melts the lipids inside the fat cells. The massage from the rollers along with the suction then helps to eliminated the liquified lipids by speeding up lymphatic drainage.

SmoothShapes Technology:

– increases circulation
– regenerates collagen
– speeds up the cellular metabolic processes to the area that was treated

A painless and non-invasive procedure, SmoothShapes’ technology is applied by a handheld device that slides over the problem area.

The Results for SmoothShapes

94% of those treated reported improvements in the tone, firmness and reduction of the appearance of cellulite.

Eight, 50-minute sessions is the recommended protocol. But unlike Endermologie and Velashape, maintenance sessions are not needed until 4-8 months after the completion of your initial treatment cycle.

Cost for SmoothShapes Treatments

The treatment costs anywhere from $1000 to $2000, depending on the ares treated.


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