Stem Cell Facelift

This new cosmetic procedure uses the regenerative capacity of Adult Stem Cells to help rejuvenate the face, producing a younger, more youthful appearance. The treatment itself involves harvesting fat cells from the more fleshy areas of the body, and processing the stem cells over a period of a few hours to produce a serum. This serum is then mixed with the fat to be transferred, and carefully injected into the face.

The results are effective, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and filling out hollow areas such as those commonly found underneath the eyes.

Stem cell face lifts are recommended for patients showing moderate facial aging, and can be combined with removal of fat in certain areas to create an overall even skin surface.

Minimum invasion

The procedure uses a very fine needle, leaving no scars, and causing minimum discomfort. The serum is applied to deeper skin cell areas, as well as to those just beneath the surface.

This multi-layer treatment is used to achieve the best results, treating skin cells that are yet to appear on the surface, as well as those already visible.

Treatments can be targeted at specific problem areas of the face by injecting defined sections. This allows for a more accurate application of the stem cells, maintaining control of the overall effect of the treatment.

Stem cell face lifts are performed under local anaesthetic, eliminating the need for overnight stays in a hospital, and allowing for rapid recovery times. Anyone unable to undergo general anaesthetic for health reasons will be able to consider this procedure as an alternative, with guidance from their practitioner.

Long lasting results

Results are longer lasting than other cosmetic surgery techniques. The stem cells, once introduced, recognize any damaged cells and repair them. They also reproduce and multiply, so improvements in the quality of the skin and therefore the overall appearance can continue for up to 9 months.

This ongoing natural rejuvenation of skin cells ensures the effects of a stem cell face lift can be evident for many years, a positive advantage over other facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox and Restylane.

Natural facial features are maintained as the procedure does not add volume to the skin, nor change its tone or color. The overall effect is youthful luminosity; no stretching, tightening or stiffening of the skin takes place.

Side effects

There are some side effects to be aware of – patients can experience a swelling, slight reddening and occasional bruising of the treated area for up to 2 weeks following the procedure. Surgeons recommend wearing no make up during this time to allow for optimum recovery.

While stem cell face lifts promise to have many advantages over more traditional cosmetic surgery techniques, caution should be exercised when seeking this treatment. It is a scientific process and producing the serum requires skill and precision.

There are currently only a few genuine practitioners who are qualified and able to perform this procedure effectively, and while there are success stories in the media, patients should be mindful that the long-term efficacy of stem cell face lifts is yet to be proven.

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