Lip Augmentation For Fuller Lips

lip augmentation 
Modern lip augmentation techniques allow you to plump up your pout in as little as 30 minutes. Fuller lips can be achieved through the use of lip implants or injectable fillers, with temporary, long-lasting, or permanent results.

Injectable lip augmentation involves the use of fillers which plump up the lips. During this brief outpatient procedure, the cosmetic surgeon carefully injects these fillers into the patient’s lips to create an even, natural look. This is the least invasive lip augmentation technique. …More on Lip Augmentation

What is Collagen Induction Therapy?

Collagen Induction Therapy In our hunt for the ultimate anti-aging treatments, we seem to be willing to try just about anything.  Shaving off the top layer of skin with a scalpel?  Sure.  Injecting facial muscles with a derivative of Botulinum to smooth wrinkles?  No problem. Using a laser to vaporize skin cells?  Kids’ stuff.

So it’s no surprise that it was only a matter of time before ..More on Collagen Induction Therapy