Ulthera And Its Many Off-Label Uses

Ulthera Uses
We all know disasters can result when things aren’t used for their intended purposes. A quick search on Youtube will find you any number of hilarious videos of treadmills used for skateboarding, trampolines used to pogo-stick and barbeque grills used for science experiments. More on Ulthera Off-Label Uses

Ulthera to Correct Lip Filler Mistakes

Ulthera To Correct Lip Filler Mistakes 
For those who want a permanent beauty solution, a liquid silicone face injection sounds very convincing. The injection is currently popular as an off label practice that provides permanent augmentation, particularly for patients with retinal detachments. The permanence derives from the liquid silicone becoming encased in scar tissue. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, there’s a bit more to this subject matter. Patients should be wary about two potential concerns. More Ulthera to Correct Lip Filler Mistakes

Ulthera With Botox and Dermal Filler

Ulthera Results
With the advancement of non-invasive technology and equipment in the cosmetic industry, are surgical face lifts even necessary anymore? We’ve imagined a world where we wouldn’t need surgery to give our face some extra lift. Now you can say good-bye to saggy skin. Ulthera, hailed as the non-surgical face lift, lets you achieve that subtle but yet so effective lift, all without a single incision.

Filling The Gap Between Injections And Surgery

Ulthera is bridging the missing gap for patients who have had Botox and dermal filler injections but not quite ready to have a surgical face lift. Many patients love the results from their Botox and dermal filler treatments but would love to get that extra lift, which could not be achieved with the injections alone.

Unique in its ability to treat multiple tissue layers, Ulthera treats both the upper layers of the skin and the deep SMAS – the face’s foundation. Patricia Wexler, a Manhattan dermatologist, likens it to the Spanx effect – the reshaping of the face with lifted cheeks, a non-sagging brow and a tightened jaw line. Results are often seen immediately, and continue to improve over a period of a few months as new collagen grows.

In contrast to a surgical face lift that pulls the skin, Ulthera pulls the underlying muscles instead. As a result, the tissue contracts and tightens, giving a tangible lift.

The Many Uses Of Ulthera

Currently, Ulthera is FDA-approved for the lifting of the brows. But many providers are finding it works for various off-label uses. Although yet to be published, some doctors have achieved positive results using Ulthera on tightening laxity in the neck area, improving the fine lines along the upper lips, and even in smoothening lumpy dermal filler mistakes in the lips.

Other areas that have potential to benefit from Ulthera’s skin tightening are saggy knees and floppy underarms. Also expected to be released in the 4th quarter of this year is a new 1.5 mm head for tightening the eyelids.

Different Depths Of Ulthera Treatments

Though Ulthera isn’t a replacement for a face lift, plastic surgeons everywhere are exited about its versatility. Apply deeper passes and it’s capable of directing its thermal ultrasound energy to heat the Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic Sytem or SMAS – the deeper connective tissue surrounding the facial muscles.

Additionally, when doctors make shallower passes to the upper dermal layers, it jumpstarts collagen production.

The procedure takes approximately one hour for the entire face and neck. With the ability to observe each layer of tissue as they work, physicians are able to perform the procedure with greater precision and safety.

Of course, there are possible side effects and risks to be aware about, such as swelling, bruising, and the feeling of tightness. The pain of the procedure can range from a hot prickling sensation to short intense discomfort, depending on an individual’s pain tolerance, but most often, this is alleviated with an oral analgesic and/or sedative.


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Ulthera Recruiting Volunteers For A Trial

Ulthera Trial 
If you’ve ever wondered how and on whom cosmetic procedure trials are conducted, now is your chance to find out. Ulthera, Inc., the company that developed the popular ultrasound skin treatment, is currently recruiting volunteers for a clinical trial. The official title of the trial, although a mouthful, says it all: More on Ulthera Trials

Why Ulthera Works – It’s All About The SMAS

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Get Rid of Turkey Neck

Get Rid of Turkey Neck 
Do you feel like you have extra or loose skin in the neck area? This is commonly called a turkey neck, and it may be caused by aging, weight gain, or even genetics. But there are now many solutions to change your appearance, including those that are non-surgical, minimally invasive, and surgical. More on Getting Rid of Turkey Neck

Why Ulthera Is Better Than Thermage

Ulthera vs Thermage
When people think of an ultrasound, they usually think of a machine that doctors use to see a fetus’ image during pregnancy. Now, thanks to new advances, this same technology is being used to smoothen, lift and firm facial skin, all without the use of injections, surgery or downtime. Read more on Why Ulthera is Better than Thermage

Where Are The Ulthera Reviews?

Ulthera Ultherapy Reviews 
So much has been written lately about Ulthera and how it may very well be the future of facelift surgery – without the surgery. Ulthera, which was backed strongly by Dr.Oz in one of his TV shows, is very much being “watched.” For good reason. Dr. Oz is a reputable health guru. If he featured it in his show, why then, it has to be significant and credible.

It has been about 19 months since Ulthera came on the scene, so people are bound to ask, “Does it really work?” and “Are patients happy with their results?…More on Ulthera Reviews

Ulthera – Facelift Without Surgery

In late 2010, the buzz surrounding a newly FDA approved device called Ulthera exploded after being featured on several national talk shows including Dr. Oz, The View, The Drs. and The Rachel Ray Show.  While the trend towards non-invasive cosmetic procedures continues to skyrocket, several devices promising outstanding results are still on shaky ground.  So it’s perhaps surprising that the Ulthera device has received such a warm reception, with doctors genuinely pleased with the outcomes and patients taking to the Internet with glowing reviews.

How does Ulthera work? …More on Ulthera Facelift

Ulthera Update – Yes, it works. Yes, it hurts.

Does Ulthera Hurt?
The quest for youth and beauty has always brought out plenty of snake oil salesmen, so when something totally new comes along in the world of cosmetic procedures, skepticism often blankets any attempt at fanfare.

But since hitting the market with FDA approval in late 2009, Ulthera’s proverbial horn just seems to keep getting tooted. And for good reason – it seems to work.

Now, we have no scientific poll of actual users. Ours is simply good old fashioned web surfing. But while riding that virtual wave, we’ve discovered some interesting buzz. …More on