The Brazilian Blowout

brazilian blowout
Also known as the Brazilian Blowdry or permanent blowout, the Brazilian blowout hails, as its name suggests, from Brazil.
It is designed to tame wavy and curly hair, to achieve a smooth, silky and straight finish.

How is it achieved?
The success of this treatment is due to the use of Keratin, a natural protein that forms the structural component of human hair and nails. By infusing the hair with this substance, this effectively locks in the nourishing qualities of the Keratin, trapping moisture too, creating a healthy, shiny head of hair.

The process
The Brazilian Blowout is conducted in most professional hair salons. Clients are treated to a normal shampoo and towel dry prior to application of the Keratin via injections into the hair strands.

The hair is then left for approximately 30 minutes (or longer if hair is especially curly) to allow the Keratin to be completely absorbed. The stylist will then dry and style the hair without rinsing away the Keratin.

Best effects are achieved using a broad based or ‘paddle’ brush for blow-drying. This evens out the hair as it is dried, creating a smooth, silky look.
To finish off, the hair is passed through very hot, special Keratin hair straighteners, which effectively lock in the Keratin for a longer lasting effect.

Who can have a Brazilian Blowout?

This hair straightening process is suitable for anyone, even if they have recently undergone other hair treatments such as perms or color applications.
The best results are achieved on wavy hair, while those with more defined curls may require the Keratin to remain in place longer than the usual 30 minutes. They may also need to use straighteners repeatedly each time they wash their hair, to achieve the ultimate desired effect.

The results
The results usually last for up to 4 months after the treatment. Top up treatments are sometimes required to treat hair regrowth.
Each time the hair is washed during this period, it responds well to styling, achieving an overall smooth, silky finish in far less time than before the procedure.
It is possible to leave the hair to dry naturally, and it will fall nicely into place, a positive selling point for the procedure.
Clients are advised to select a special shampoo to use after the treatment, which does not contain sodium chloride, a substance that can strip away the Keratin.

How much does it cost?
This treatment starts at around $150 and can cost more depending on the length, texture and curliness of the hair.
In contrast to many other salon treatments, the Brazilian blowout offers a longer lasting effect, and is a procedure that is actually good for the hair, rather than alternatives that use damaging chemicals to create the desired effect. The Keratin nourishes each strand of hair, leaving a healthy, shiny glow.

A word of caution
Some substances contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen; however, newer products entering the market do not. It is best to check with your stylist to verify the contents.

Are there alternatives?
The most common hair straightening technique is Japanese hair straightening, also known as the Liscio system or the Yuko system . The process is very similar to the Brazilian blowout, however, the substance used is a chemical formula designed to work with heat to restructure the bonds of the hair to make them lie straight.

In contrast to the Brazilian blowout, this method is not advised for clients who have recently undergone alternative hair treatments such as colors and permanent waves.
There is the potential for reaction to the substance they use. This applies in the months following treatment too; so for those who need to regularly color their hair, it is not recommended.


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