The Power of Red Lipstick – How to Wear It

How to wear red lipstick A famous make-up artist once said, “Red lipstick is the stiletto heel of makeup.” It’s a beauty statement but it’s also much more than that – no one can deny that red is the color of passion. There’s a reason why it is the main color on Valentine’s Day. People use red on special dates and whenever they want to catch somebody’s attention.

Do You Know How to Wear Red Lipstick?

Red is a color that screams “I’m here and I’ve come to conquer.”  It’s a dramatic, exuberant and fun color all in one.  It projects energy and self-esteem.  And what could be sexier than to wear it on your lips?

Wearing red lipstick is not just applying it on your lips. You need to think of the whole package: when to wear it, how to choose your shade of red, how to apply it and what to wear with it – the makeup and outfit.

The Right Shade of Red

You may be perfect from head to toe but if your lips scream the wrong color, you are halfway to losing your glow. Here are a few hints to choose the right shade of red for your skin tone and hair color:

• Orangey reds – These shades are suitable for everyone but especially for olive-toned skin

• Pinker reds – Enhance darker skin tones.

• Blueish reds – These shades look better on paler skin tones.

• Pink and plum shades – Great for complexion that has pink or red undertones.

• Warmer reds with brown undertones (e.g. brick shade of red): Good for people with yellow tones of skin.

• Corals – can be used by most people.

And a tip from the makeup experts on achieving the right shade of red:

• Blending – Makeup artists rarely use only one shade of any lipstick. Instead, they blend a few to create their own dream color. You can do the same. Buy a few different shades of red and mix them to find your perfect blend.

Red Lipstick and Your Age

Red lips are timeless but it is important that you choose the right shade according to your age.  Makeup experts agree that matte and bright shiny red lip shades work better on young skin because they give a “rocker’s look.”

When we get older our lips get thinner, and therefore, a muted shade with a satin texture works best for older women.  In fact, the safest thing would be to avoid red lipstick altogether and go for a neutral shade while choosing to accentuate the eyes instead. If, however, you’re older and really love red on your lips, try a sober rosy red.

What To Wear With Red Lipstick

When you wear red lipstick it is because you want to put the emphasis on your face, especially on your lips as a symbol of sexiness, flair and boldness.  To get this result, you need to create a whole makeup-nails-outfit ensemble that doesn’t compete with your lips.

how to wear red lipstick

Makeup – If your lips are red, don’t go overboard with the blush and eye makeup; otherwise, you may end up looking like a clown.  Makeup should be subtle, almost neutral because a nude face with red lips makes it powerful. Eyes should have only a soft shade or none whatsoever.  You can also choose a soft eyeliner or even skip it altogether and stick only to a good mascara – brown for blonds and redheads and black for brunettes – applied on the top and bottom lashes to really open up your eyes. Dust the face with a soft powder and use a peach blush on the cheeks – not pink nor red!

Nails – Red lips require a non-red nail polish. Instead, go for a clear or light color to create a cool look, or a dark color to create a more dramatic look. If you still want to wear red on the nails, make sure at least that the shade matches the lipstick.

how to wear red lipstick

The Outfit – Since you want to keep the focus on the lips, there are two golden rules about the clothes:

– Keep them classic – Classic means elegant, which in turn means no very short skirts or off-the-shoulder baggy tops that could give you a trashy look.

– Stick to monochrome – A single-colored outfit or gown won’t distract people too much because it can quickly be admired from head to toe and allow the eyes to swiftly return to where they’re supposed to be looking: your face, your lips, your smile.  If you must add another color, combinations of white, black and red are always sure winners.

In fact, red lips should always go with a broad smile and a confident attitude. If you think of red lipstick lovers like Gwen Stefani, Marilyn Monroe or Dita Von Teese, you see two common features: a smile and a strong personality facing the public.

So go on now…put on your red lipstick and announce, “I’ve come to conquer!”

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