The Truth About The Brazilian Blowout

brazilian blowout danger 
Millions of women have tried the Brazilian blowout at their favorite salon. Why not? It makes your hair look and feel great, you won’t have to blow out your hair every day and its formaldehyde free. Or is it? While we were told that the treatment is free of formaldehyde, regulators have found high enough traces of it as to be alarmed.

In case you’re unaware of what formaldehyde is, it’s a cancerous substance that’s used to make paper, to preserve wood and preserve specimens used in science. In smaller amounts it’s used to preserve cosmetics so that they don’t go bad fast and even found in children’s bubble bath. While our bodies create some formaldehyde naturally, the amount of it that we’re exposed to in other ways can be dangerous. FYI, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced that it is safe for a product to contain 0.1% of formaldehyde. Many of the products on the market used for this popular treatment contain 6, 8, or even 10.6%.

Now you may be wondering what’s the big deal with being exposed to formaldehyde if our bodies produce some on its own anyway. Here are some dangers:

· It can cause breast cancer.
· It can cause nasal cancer.
· It has been shown to cause leukemia in animals.
· It may irritate your skin and eyes.
· It may cause difficulty in breathing.
· It can cause you to have headaches and flu symptoms.

With all of these dangers, is it any wonder that people are trying out natural products? Which is one of the reasons that the Brazilian blowout was so popular to begin with. People were led to believe that they were getting a safe beauty product that will work wonders on them, only to learn that it really isn’t safe. Many different government officials have come out of the woodwork screaming that the Brazilian blowout is dangerous and the makers should be forced to say that it does indeed contain formaldehyde.

As for my own experience, I had the Brazilian blowout performed on my hair twice, both times before it was proven that the treatment was bad for your hair. My eyes teared up from the smell of the chemicals (my hairdresser had two facial masks on so that he wouldn’t have to smell it) and I couldn’t sleep the first two nights because the smell was affecting how comfortably I could breathe. To top it all off, my hair has never been the same again. I used to have chunky waves and now my hair is limp and has no body, but plenty of frizz. Would I ever get the treatment again? NO!

This guest post was written by Aleya Bamdad who gives beauty tips for women on her women’s interest site, Spontaneous Chick.

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