Until recently, VelaSmooth was the top treatment for cellulite with its combined use of infrared light and radio frequency to smooth out cellulite. Recently, the same company that introduced Velashape added the benefits of vacuum and mechano-stimulation to infrared light laser and radio frequency technology. The result – VelaShape,

Velashape TreatmentBest known as Kim Kardashian’s treatment of choice for cellulite, Velashape uses rollers and suction to massage the deeper layers of skin and fat just like Endermologie and radiofrequency energy and infrared light to break down the fat cells. Adding light and energy to the process allows the fat to be gently heated, causing it to break up and release much faster than simple mechanical adjustments alone.

VelaShape involves the use of a handheld device that a practitioner moves across the surface of the treated area while the vacuum, massage, radio frequency and light is pulsed into the problem tissue.


The Results for VelaShape

The treated area appears smoother and firmer and minimizes the appearance of dimples. Some women see an actual reduction in the size of the treated area. The advantage of VelaShape, according to the company, is that it reduces the number of fat cells or shrinks the size of the fat cells in the treated tissue. They state that clinical trials have shown that treatment can reduce the circumference of the thigh by 2 centimeters, 2.5 centimeters for the stomach and 3.5 for the hips.

Velashape is frequently used pre-liposuction surgery to loosen the fat or afterwards to tighten the skin to further enhance the smoothness.

Velashape’s treatment cycle is much shorter – 4 to 6 weekly treatments followed by monthly maintenance sessions. Each session usually lasts about 30 minutes.

Cost – Treatment can cost from $300 to $600 per visit.

VelaShape Treatment


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