Where Are The Ulthera Reviews?

Ulthera Ultherapy Reviews 
So much has been written lately about Ulthera and how it may very well be the future of facelift surgery – without the surgery. Ulthera, which was backed strongly by Dr.Oz in one of his TV shows, is very much being “watched.” For good reason. Dr. Oz is a reputable health guru. If he featured it in his show, why then, it has to be significant and credible.

It has been about 19 months since Ulthera came on the scene, so people are bound to ask, “Does it really work?” and “Are patients happy with their results?

In an attempt to answer the above questions, here are some findings:

It seems that patients and doctors alike are quite positive about their impressions with Ulthera and the results they’ve seen so far. Now what specific results they are satisfied with – that has to be defined. You see, Ulthera is not a surgical procedure. And because of what it’s not, it cannot and will never compare with the results of a surgical facelift. However, for some, the trade-off of not having to go under the knife might be worthwhile, even good enough, for the less-than-radical improvement they can achieve from Ulthera. Consider these statistics:

– An FDA clinical trial shows that 9 out of 10 patients saw an immediate lift in their brow areas;

100% of 24 patient reviews on Real Self.com, a cosmetic procedure blog, report that Ulthera is worth it, compared to only 55% of 38 patient reviews that say Titan is worth it.

The cosmetic industry is constantly inundated with flash-in-the-pan technologies that claim to be THE ONE, with majority of them fizzling out (case in point, Mesotherapy which delivered unpredictable results, at best). Ulthera, on the other hand, seems to be a real deal. It does not promise the results of a surgical facelift. What it does claim to deliver is:

1. An immediate lift, especially apparent in the brow area, after the treatment due to the initial compression of collagen,

2. A gradual and continuing improvement of the immediate results over a period of about 4 months, during which time the patient’s collagen production increases.

For a non-invasive procedure, Ulthera works beautifully in lifting the brow area; it has received FDA approval for this use in September 2009. However, it seems to work just as well in lifting and tightening the neck and jowl area as well as most areas of the face.

Ulthera was initially thought to be relatively painless. But more recent patient reviews have reported that the minimal pain associated with the procedure was anything but minimal – so much so that the patients have had to take a Valium and/or a Vicodin to tolerate the treatment. Still, most of these same patients say they would do it again regardless of the pain – at a cost ranging from $1,500 to $2,500, Ulthera must be very much worth it.

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  1. i spent 3500 in doylestown, pa for ulthera. I do not think it is worth the price. I do not see a difference and neither to friends and family. Initially I did see a lift, but it was likely do to swelling. My face actually seems to sag more 4 months later. The plastic surgeon I used took before pix, but he never took after pics and simply showed me in the mirror my fact and insisted that I looked better.

    Bottom line, do not waste your money and I think it may actually damage skin and make it worse

    • Victoria Strander says:

      Hi Sara! I’m sorry to hear that. Ulthera has had many glowing reviews since the device came out; however, as with any new technology, many more updates to patients’ initial experiences with it have also come out 6 to 12 months later.

      I’m sorry to hear your Ulthera results were not satisfactory…and I’m also curious to hear what other patients have to say a year out from their initial Ulthera treatments.

      Take care!


  1. […] Where Are The Ulthera Reviews? […]

  2. […] Where Are The Ulthera Reviews? […]

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