Why Selphyl Is Better Than Artificial Dermal Fillers

Having a flawless, young face becomes more difficult as we get older but the cosmetic industry has grown, and modern technology allows us nowadays to delay more and more the aging process. Facial fillers have long been known and according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, about 1.58 million procedures of this type were performed in the USA in 2009.
Selphyl, or the “Vampire Facelift” has gained popularity because it’s considered to be a natural dermal filler.

What is Selphyl?

Created in 2009, this is an anti-aging system that uses a person’s own blood to inject the skin; hence, it is also known as the “Vampire Facelift.”   Selphyl can be used on areas of the body that need to be plumped up and rejuvenated.  When injected into facial skin, this treatment addresses three problems:

Filler – hollow cheeks, pock marks and skin divots are given a fuller appearance
Wrinkles – reduces the lines around the nose and mouth
Scars – improves the appearance of any acne scars

How does it work?

The Selphyl procedure is a very simple and quick one. It takes only about 20 to 30 minutes in an office appointment with no general anesthesia. In fact, no anesthesia at all is needed, but the doctor, especially knowing the patient, might choose to apply local anesthesia, only to prevent some discomfort. The doctor draws blood from the patient (about 9cc is enough) and then uses a centrifuge and a chemical catalyst for about six minutes in order to divide the blood’s components and isolate the platelets and the fibrin. These two then form a concentrate (named Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix or PRFM) that is re-injected into the skin and activates the facial restructuring. The PRFM discharges a protein that stimulates cell proliferation. A stronger collagen support is formed over time, promoting volume and, therefore, rejuvenation.

After the treatment, the person will notice mild bruising, swelling and perhaps itching for a couple of days but no pain medication is necessary. The patient will start to see results – smoother and fuller skin – after three weeks and these can last up to 18 months, even though some patients have claimed they last two years.

Why Selphyl is Better Than Dermal Fillers

What are the Costs and the Risks?

The Selphyl treatment costs between $900 and $1500 and there aren’t great health risks involved. Whereas neurotoxin and synthetic dermal fillers can sometimes cause skin reactions, Selphyl has the advantage of using the person’s own blood, which makes it difficult for allergic reactions to occur. Therefore, all ethnic groups can use this treatment. There’s no burn, no blisters, no infections.

Also, no clumping or knots appear because PRFM remains liquid after being injected into the skin. However, doctors do not advise the use of Selphyl on patients with blood clotting history, those who are currently treating any sort of infection and also those on blood thinning medication (herbal or chemical). Patients are advised to tell their doctor their recent medical history in order to assess if they’re healthy candidates for the Selphyl treatment.

What else should I know?

There seems to be a division as to the efficacy and approval of Selphyl. Patients and providers claim that this is a safe procedure and FDA approved, as well as certified in Europe. On the other hand, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons states that the efficacy of Selphyl is not scientifically proven but only through personal testimonies.

As for the FDA approval, a similar treatment called Fibrinet was cleared in 2002 to speed tissue repair and in 2009 the system was reinvented as Selphyl, the reason why its makers affirm it is FDA approved. Still, the FDA states that an amendment has to be made to the previous system in order to get clearance.

Since Selphyl is considered to be a cosmetic treatment, insurance companies do not cover the expenses. However, some doctors do allow the patients to pay a stipulated amount over time. The best thing to do for a patient who is interested in Selphyl treatment is to be well informed, talk to the doctor and ask all the questions needed to feel safe and comfortable with the procedure.

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  1. There are a variety of temporary dermal fillers currently in use and several include Hydroxyappetite (Radiesse), hyaluronic acid (Restylane and Hylaform), sculptra, fat, and collagen. The use of Dermal Fillers has been controversial in the past because of the risk of bumpy scars called granulomas that can form even decades after treatment.

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